Desert Phone Booth - Information & Resources

The man with the trailer walks over after Sam has moved his car… He knocks on the window.

Sam conceals a pistol holding onto it, but out of view, in case thinga god ugly, and then proceeds to wind down the window, “may I help you?” he asks, not aggressively but not expecting someone to be knocking on his car window.

“Hey there partner,” he speaks with a rather thick but somewhat peculiar southern drawl, like… Southern-ish but slightly Californian too. “I see you’ve got a nice bike back there, pretty old though, don’t suppose you’d like to sell it?”

“I wouldn’t be against it, what are you offering?” He relaxes just a little, still concealing the firearm.

“I’ve got a thousand cash, I see the tags on it are expired, for a lot of years now.” he smiles warmly, “A lot of trouble to get that road legal.”

He ponders it, the man made a valid argument. “Alright, that’s a fair point,” He pockets the pistol and goes to step out of the truck, “not that I don’t trust you or anything, but mind if I see the cash? Before I hand the bike over?” He was careful.

The man nods, “Of course!” and goes back to his truck motioning for Sam to follow him, “I do racing, this will be a good addition to my collection.”

Sam puts the gun under his belt behind him and follows him over, “well I’m happy it catches your interest” Sam says, he still didn’t let his guard down, he’s technically a wanted man and the last thing he needs is people coming after him, no doubt the ones that killed Willow know he escaped now… thinking about it made him furious, they would pay… but… one thing at a time.

“You fancy selling it?” he smiles, “I’ve got cash?”

“sure, let me see the cash first, before I unhook the bike” He says calmly, and cautiously not going to get tripped up or caught after escaping death twice this week… or however long this was.

“Well, how much ya want for it?” the man asks, clearly ready for a good haggle on prices.

Sam takes a moment to think about that, “let’s say, I’d be willing to part with it for $5,000” He says, thinking that would likely be enough for the supplies and equipment he would need

Given they were in California, 5 grand was not all that much. It was a vintage bike of some value and in good condition. The plates were clearly not current by many years, “$4,000” the man says trying to negotiate, “I’m going to have to go through the expense of getting a proper title on it.”

Sam considered this, “$4,500” He says, “we are in California after all, I have to make sure I’m able to get where I need to go, gas, food, hotel, things like that”

The man smiles and nods, “Deal.” He gets into his truck cab and pulls out a duffle with cash, which is shady to say the least. Digging in it, he pulls out some money and counts off $100 bills. “Lets just keep this between us though, shall we?” he says with a smile.

“I couldn’t agree more” Sam says, unhooking the motorcycle to let the man take it, counting the bills to make sure he wasn’t cheated… if he did… well this place is abandoned enough for few to notice another man vanishing.

He wasn’t cheated, they get the motorcycle unloaded easily enough and with a wave of thanks the man drives off.

He waves him off, gets some food and finishes filling up the truck with gas, and drives off, resuming his journey. When it started getting late, he would start looking for a motel or some place to rest for the night, where he wouldn’t be found.

It was dark, he would probably come to a town halfway up to his destination fairly soon. Signs started to grow a bit denser and so did traffic, indicating a place to stop would probably be seen.

/* Since you’re familiar with California, I’ll let you decide what town he’s going to stop in. */

He drove into Cottonwood, and located a motel to hide out and rest in, paying cash for a spot where he had a good vantage point to watch for anyone following or approaching from the roads, he’d stay up late cleaning his weapons and checking his supplies… likely sleeping in a chair facing the door where it was darkest so he could be awakened if someone attempted to break in, revolver in his lap.