Desert Phone Booth - Information & Resources

Where we left things Samual had stolen a truck from his would-be captures intent on killing him. Now, he was a fugitive from the law, it didn’t take long for him to find an old gas / service station in the middle of nowhere. The place had been closed for years but was shelter in the sweltering heat of the California desert. He was lucky, while there was no power when he got there, there was an old generator sitting in a storage room. By the looks of things, it was probable when the place was still running that power was not reliable. He could see the pole after pole running along the road with power lines. The ones to the gas station had long ago broken away.

A loft was above the service station, he found remnants of a life there. By the looks of things, an old war vet ran the place by himself at some point. The basics were covered, shelter, and if he could get the generator running he’d have water. The place had tools and maybe even some gas left in the old tanks. This was promising.

// @Dasfier

Samual would grab some tools and get to work on the generator, after securing the truck in the service station and close the door. Water, food, and shelter, the basics for survival for the moment, he would have to use that for the time being while he planned his next move carefully… he knew one thing, the guys who hired him… who killed willow… would not know what creature they unleashed on themselves. and to do that… he had to make his way to the Dam they were sending that semi towards… speaking of the dam, when evening came he would look for a map so he can find out where he is, and where he needs to go.

He wasn’t going to stop, he can’t let himself stop and can’t be stopped by anyone, or anything. he was filled with rage and pain that nothing else mattered but avenging his lost companion… perhaps he was cursed to be solitary all his life… never again would he take up a companion to follow and fight alongside… it’s simpler that way.

The generator wasn’t in bad condition, just had been a while since it was started. He could easily find enough of various supplies to clean it up, make sure it was lubed up and had oil and such. There was a military-style red gas can in the garage, looked like about 5 gallons. The entire garage is well organized and he can find the manuals for everything if he looks for a bit, if he looks he can figure out that he’ll get about 8 hours of power on that 5 gallons of gas.

He finds a notebook and several paper maps in the truck in a messenger bag. The map definitely shows Shasta Dam but there are pages of calculations and notes, lines, all kinds of things drawn on the map. Someone was trying to calculate something to do with the map. It’s pretty heavy math.

Samuel would grab the whole bag, use the generator to get some water, for himself and to stockup. then turn the generator off to conserve power and resources. After doing so and now feeling better, he grabs some food and heads to the loft to go over these calculations and notes, and see what he could glean from the information… namely what they were up to, and when it would likely happen, and how far he is from there

after spending some time doing that, he checks and locks everything up and heads back up to the loft to get some sleep.

There’s not a lot of good food, he does find some energy bars that aren’t bad, a few Cliff Bars that haven’t been opened up yet, couple old Luna bars, things like that. Other than those it’s twinkies and other snack cake shit. He does find a packet of something that’s supposed to enhance his “potency” but the package makes it unclear what’s in it.

For the water and such, that’s easily done. He can find some containers to rinse out and after a bit of running the well water isn’t too bad, a little dirty but certainly drinkable. Once he gets up to the loft, it looks like the place was left in good order by someone who expected to come back. There’s some old clothes in the closet, pictures indicate it was a former US Marine who ran the place, someone who was in Vietnam by the looks of it.

There’s not a ton of real usable clothes, but enough for the basics, the guy was a similar size and build to Samual so while it doesn’t fit perfectly the clothes fit ok. There’s also a pair of old hiking boots that is in decent condition in the closet, the sneakers are just toast and not worth trying. The place is covered in dust and looks like some moths and a few spiders, some lizards eating the spiders at times, have made homes in the place.

In the notebook and map are a puzzle though. The calculations are extensive and, well pretty high math. If he’s familiar with radio in a detailed way or with electrical engineering he can probably piece together that it’s calculating signal propagation. There are notes about sun spot activity, which should be evident pretty readily, it literally says it a few times. From the lines on the map, it looks like they were tracking something back to the same region has the Dam but it isn’t precise more like within about a 20 mile radius of the Dam, a few outliers too even further out.

The notebook also has several times and dates, the times are all the same. 2am and then 4am and there are 2 frequencies consistently used, 4290 kHz and 5021 kHz.

Samual get’s changed in some Civilian cloths and the hiking boots, making some adjustments so they fit better and would wash his cloths some other time. He ate a bit of the decent food and stored the rest. He knew a few things about radios. he studied the dates and times, and the frequencies… something was happening at the Dam… that much was certain…

He did know about strategy and warfare, explosives and weaponry. getting pulled into a war in his home world some time ago, over a Dam actually… but regardless he would try to figure out what they would be doing with those times and dates and frequencies… eventually sleep would overtake him and he’d fall asleep while thinking things over.

A few weeks pass, without looking things up on the Internet or going to a library he would have a had time deciphering the equations on the map and in the notebook. From what he knows about radio though, those weren’t going to be very common transmission channels. He did find an old motorcycle in the garage though. It was in working order from what he could tell, just had been sitting for a long while. It would probably need to have the battery charged, but that wouldn’t be difficult.

during that week, he washed cloths and after finding the bike, decided that it would be better to use that than a truck to get around. he would see if he could find jumper cables and charge the battery, then do so. he’d also plan the direction he should go to get to the Dam quickly before time comes up. that’s his best bet to find out what’s going on and put a stop to it.

He can get the bike working well enough. The man who’d lived and worked here was a good mechanic. They weren’t too far from I-5 by the looks of the map, from there he could get pretty much anywhere in California. It would be a few days travel though, he’d need some kind of money.

Samuel would see what money he could scrounge together from the location, any hidden cubbies or other areas to potentially store money or financial resources so he could travel, he also checked the truck in case his previous assassins left some credit cards or the like laying around.

He found $20 in an empty tin of tea in the kitchen of the loft upstairs. In the truck he finds a gas card at least, but that wouldn’t really be good for real money. If he could get somewhere that had actual people in it, he might be able to sell the truck or the bike on the down low to some unrepeatable soul for cash.

He sighs, well it’s more than nothing, he would pack up what he could sell, and concealed his old cloths, and did what he could to look unrecognizable. then he’d pack up everything he could and prepared to head out, he had to stop them, no matter the cost. He’d also see what kind of ammunition he could get his hands on, though he wasn’t sure if the gas station had ammunition he could use, but worth grabbing anything he could.

The best he can find is an old 6-shooter style pistol, though it has bullets with it. It’ll need cleaning to make sure it works ok, but it should be serviceable. The back of the pickup has some straps in it, he could tie the bike down in the bed, it would fit. Or he could take one / the other as he left.

He would take the pistol and ammo, he then straps the bike to the bed of the truck and prepares to go leave there, and head towards the Dam.

He’s on a service road, there’s nothing for a while… Just when he wonders if he’s going to have to ditch the vehicle when it runs out of gas he see’s a tiny little group of buildings in the distance. Not a town exactly, more like a few houses, a gas station, looks like a deli / gas station actually. There’s maybe half a dozen homes and a couple buildings.

He would pull into the gas station, and head inside the station to pay for gas, using the bars to hold himself over, and finding out what shops were nearby, specifically looking for a good pawn shop. He tried to avoid being direct about it if possible.

When he heads in a large pickup with a 5th wheel trailer pulls out, looks like probably holds a race car or something similar, given the way the logo “Capital Speed LLC” was written across the side of the trailer. The man gives a polite but disinterested nod to Samual as he enters. The cashier takes the money and puts it toward the gas pump, “We don’t have a pawn shop around these parts, sorry. What are you trying to sell?” he asks, friendly but clearly making business casual conversation.

“Just the bike, I don’t have a need for it,” He responds, “but I need the money” He figured keeping the truck would be better, less suspicious and also the truck can help in a few other ways.

“I’m afraid I don’t have any need for a bike. I hope you find someone though.”

“Thanks” He finishes his business and heads back out to the truck and moves to a different parking spot to check the map.