Derelict Alien Brainstorming

I know it’s been a while but I’d like to get any comments about a character of this race called the Segnesh which will be aboard the derelict ship (see Exploring a Derelict Plot Notes).

Any thoughts on where we could go with this alien that could be useful, different, or provide for a better plot?

Useful: Murderous Flying Maintainer Robots

Different: Manta Rays with legs

Provide a Better Plot:

Immortal Alien whose sole purpose is to devour anything, with the ships’ logs showing that the alien they’re transporting (that got out) has been known to eat entire Star Systems within 8 hours of eating the first planet.

The alien also “wipes” whatever it ate from existence (in the sense that nobody remembers that it even existed), in the case of stars and planets, it automatically red shifts whatever light came from a star/planet/interstellar object it ate across all time periods. Effectively “deleting” whatever it ate from history.

The only way they were able to contain the alien was by having most of its mass eaten by a black hole until it was small enough to fit into an indestructible jar.

Well, those are certainly interesting ideas…

I think I’m going to shy away from making a planet eater race right now. A dangerous race, that makes sense and as the linked information already says the race is immortal and non-corporeal (link below). I like the idea that they wipe memories, I might incorporate that.

The main thing I’m interested in with this thread is… What is this Alien like? It’s going to be completely in-human so I’d like some suggestions about how to make it.

Since they’re noncorporeal, you can make them beings that sneak up on their targets. And converts matter into plasma, thereby making them more powerful/capable.

Another thing is maybe you can have them manipulate dead corpses. They could do this by tapping into the corpses’ nervous system using their own energy to produce electrical pulses to activate the nervous system and control the body. (Of which the only counter is to…disintegrate the body)

Since they’re plasma-like, I guess plasma-based weaponry would do the opposite and instead feed them and make them more capable.

As for their behavior…non-aggressive unless angered or stimulated in any shape or form. So they would generally not be aggressive and would simply observe.

Tapping into the corpse manipulation idea: Manipulating corpses could be their primary method of communication with humans (since they’re noncorporeal and can’t speak) alongside manipulation of electronics.

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This is an excellent idea, as soon as I get the chance I’m going to do this.

I think this adds a nice horror-esque aspect to communicating with them. Probably going to integrate this in as something the aliens don’t understand the reactions of corporeal beings on – like if putting a glove on was somehow offensive to someone, we wouldn’t get why.

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