Department Heads Applications (Nul'Aiana and Mariko Shinon)

Seeing how the positions for Chief Engineer and Chief of Security on Nimbus Station are open, I’d like to submit Nul’Aiana Greenfinger for Chief Engineer and Mariko Shinon for Chief of Security. Here’s a sample of how they would act in an example scenario:

Nul’Aiana Greenfinger:

Aiana was called to the power stations because a down in efficiency was reported on Antimatter Reactor 2, one that was already leveled temporarily by the Fusion Reactors before she arrived to make sure the energy output for the station remained constant.

“Status of the reactor” she asked just as she arrives. One of the officers reply clearly “It was shut down. Intermix levels were in acceptable levels but the temperature started to increase. Would have reached rupture risk in three hours.”
The floran reads through the report given to her by the officer on a PADD, noticing how the converters were working on a quarter of what is expected of the configuration, with one of them being fully nonfunctional
“Check the converters for any ssolid byproduct” Aiana says after giving the PADD back. This officer found her order rather curious and voiced their concern. “It is a matter-antimatter reaction, not a chemical one, sir.”
“That wass not a suggestion, crewman. Do as I say” she replied almost immediately
Within a few hours, a team started working on cleaning the reactor from any possible remaining antimatter in the injectors before the intermix chamber could be opened, so they don’t start blowing up once they do. After analyzing the converters with tricorders, they realized the converters somehow started to decay, with one of them being almost entirely reduced to the basic alloys. Aiana received the report about the situation on the converters and was also informed that the plasma cooling transport system was also warped, explaining why the reactor started to overheat. Sensors did catch something but the data was classified. Alone in her office, Aiana issued the appropriate command code to analyze the data herself. It was a brief but significantly sized splice that opened at about twenty five meters northeast from that reactor, from which came a strange form of radiation that affected the material on the converters in specific and ionized the cooling plasma, making the cooling transport system also ionize temporarily and alter its chemical composition for the duration of the radiation in this universe. Reading the effects out loud, the officer says “Sir, I must apologize for earlier”
Aiana replies “You could not have known, crewman. But you musst also trust your commanding officer and keep an open mind. In this place, anything can happen. Now I want you to assemble a team to replace those converters and repair the cooling plasma transport system. Have it ready by eighteen hundred hours. I have a report to file on thiss incident”
“Yess sir–I mean, Aye aye, sir” the crewman replied, accidentally hissing after hearing Aiana doing it somewhat often, as they didn’t want that to sound like a mocking to their superior officer

Mariko Shinon:

It was a rather delicate situation. One of the members of a Nausicaan delegation was threatening to kill one of the civillians at Finnegan’s, more specifically a Ferengi merchant. Apparently, this Ferengi had sold information that he claimed to be valuable to the Nausicaan for two pieces of latinum. Not finding any use for the information, the Nausicaan wanted refund but the Ferengi refused, so this Nausicaan was making quite the issue out of it, so much that Finnegan called for security.
Three officers came, knowing how nausicaans can put up quite the fight. One of them was Mariko Shinon, a former war soldier who fought in the Dominion Wars but for the otherside and now lives on Nimbus Station. Being a supersoldier herself, she could well sort the situation out without much problem. The other two security officers were there only because it was standard procedure.
“Is there a problem?” She said upon approaching the nausicaan, who slowly looked away from the ferengi and steered his menacing glare at Mariko. The ferengi also reacted in a negative way. “Ew. And here I was thinking that human women were bad enough for wearing clothing”
Mariko reacts to that comment with only a sigh but continued staring at the nausicaan. “If you want satisfaction, you require a third party arbitration” she says in a deep, almost monotone voice
The nausicaan growls “Nar’dak makes justice with his own hands!”
“I will not permit it” Mariko replies
That answer was enough for the nausicaan called Nar’dak to give her a big shove, one Mariko quickly recovers from, in time to answer to Nar’dak pulling a dagger to stab her. Stripping the weapon from the violent alien, Mariko gives him a punch on the jaw, making the nausicaan lose balance and fall to the ground. It was enough for the nausican to spit blood by how strong the punch was. The other two security officers approached and grabbed him by the arms, taking him up to his feet
“Maybe you will think twice about ever doing that when I lock you in your quarters” Mariko says before nodding for the two security officers, who would now attempt to take the nausicaan away. But this is met with resistance, one that manages to break free from the officer’s grip and give a punch on one of them. Looks like this one is going to need some extra work. And it is what Mariko does. She takes her holstered Type 2 Phaser and fires. It was on level 4. The nausicaan stops for a moment, certainly stunned by the shot but then turns to look at Mariko. The other security officer in position. Mariko raises the beam intensity in two levels. “I will not ask you again. Stand down”
“How about never again?” Nar’dak replies before running towards Mariko again. It is when Mariko fires at him once again then raises the beam intensity two more levels. That’s maximum stun. After the shot, Nar’dak flinches but still tries to hold his stance. Clearly seeing the thrist for violence in his eyes, Mariko fires at his next subtle movement, knocking the nausicaan out.
“To hell with the quarters. Throw him in the brig.”
The remaining security officer seemed afraid, fearing he would wake up as soon as he approached. Noticing it, Mariko decides to practice a bit of her kindness. She continues “You know what, belay that order. Take that one to the hospital. I’ll take care of that nausicaan myself”
Impressed by the performance in duty, the ferengi from earlier approached Mariko and says “You know–that is very impressive if you allow me to say it, lady–” but he was promptly interrupted by Mariko, who looks at him and says with a tone of command mixed with anger “Shut up, ferengi. If you value your life, don’t throw it away in the next opportunity as easily. If I remember well the rules of acquisition, a dead man close no deals” she says the last part with a mocking tone. This intimidating look and behavior made the ferengi close his mouth after a high pitched but brief sound, as if he were going to say something but decided against it in the last second.
After that exchange, Mariko takes the nausicaan and carry him over her shoulder to the brig.

These are both approved.