Demonic Killer Plot


The character Nine (Angelic Sins) comes in on an Apollo style space capsule on January 16th, 2018 when the capsule changed realities via unknown means and made an uncontrolled decent into the atmosphere, it crash landed in the outskirts of Chicago. The CIA and military forces recovered the space vehicle and it was kept classified in a local warehouse under the watch of CIA Agent Marianne McKinnon AKA Calypso and security forces pulled from local, unaffiliated, groups.

Act 1 - Investigation

A team of local investigators keyed into something strange going on and found / broke into the warehouse to find out what had been found. Finding the capsule they intruded further into the warehouse, bypassed the guards, and gained entry to the capsule itself and found that the interior was covered in tiny written runes, written in blood. The runes have a lasting effect on those who read them, and stand out in the minds of anyone who tried to read them previously, though negative effects come only after prolonged study. They are examples of Holy Runes, similar to divine or demonic runes but less powerful, runes written at the behest of a demonic (in this case) being by mortal hands.

Act 2 - Murders

Shortly after the arrival of the capsule murders begin to be noticed. At first it was thought that the murders were a dead body here and there. However, further investigation revealed that there might be a supernatural cause as the murders are so bloody and gruesome. So far no eye witnesses have come forward, but investigators have started to find a second victim within a block of the first, having gone unnoticed because the victim is still alive but in a coma. A second victim has been found with every single instance of the murders.

The murders themselves are bloody and vicious, so much so that originally it was thought that shifters must be responsible. However, even the normally skeptical Vampire Council has admitted that this us more and more unlikely. Police hit a wall and are unable to find the source of the killings.

Private investigators begin to look into the murders as well, believing that the timing was too convenient that the capsule showed up at the same time. They contacted a local expert on the occult about the murders and the runes, using both the local occult expert found the potential for a pattern in the locations of the killings, but was unsure. If the pattern was correct, then it is working toward some kind of massive release of demonic magic. Finally, the private investigators found evidence that small blood-runes may have been created at each site.

The murders began to show national news and pressure started to come down from political powers for fear of loss of revenue from taxes and tourism along with reputation of the city.

Act 3 - Vampire Council

In desperation to solve the problem of the murders before more scrutiny was placed upon the city than they were comfortable with, the Vampire Council puts out a general call to gather a group of people to investigate and solve the problem. The stakes are high, the council will be much displeased if their efforts are in vain. However, they are putting forth whatever resources are needed in order to solve the problem. So far, no leads have been found, the council is growing impatient. Media outlets have been made aware that they should not cover the increase in killings but Internet chatter has covered what media has not.

Act 4 - Eye Witness

Due to lack of participation in the plot, this has been scrapped as-is, but going to rework this for the newer incarnation of the Demon Invasion plot line.

Through various seedy contacts, investigators have been made aware of someone staying at the Starlight Motel who is an eyewitness to one of the murders. Sources say the man is a lunatic, ranting and quite mad, making almost no sense at all. Except for periods of lucidity, where he claims that “The Other” committed the murder and then “Left Him”. The crazy ravings of Joshua Martinez make little sense to most people, but he does describe visceral detail about blood and wounds that were not released to the press regarding the last body to drop.

In fact Joshua was the killer, possessed by the demon, but unlike the others he actually survived the encounter, though it left his deeply emotionally and mentally damaged.

His encounter with the demon will be valuable, and it will outline, assuming they can decipher his mad ravings, that the demon seeks out those who are weak willed either due to mental illness, depression, or low self esteem / self worth. The demon invades their mind and possesses the victim, which causes extreme agony and puts the person through horrific images pounded into their mind to keep them under control during the possession. Joshua will describe the intense searing pain from the demon being inside him for so long.

He is capable, if forced, to describe the killing itself. If his insanities can be quieted, it is possible for him to relate some of the intentions of the demon, which will mostly be death, corruption, destruction, and an invasion of demonic to consume the living. This will reveal, in broken parts, that the demon is trying to use blood of humans to draw a runic shape which will – if completely – open a tear in reality and allow such demons to enter the material realm.