Demonic Invasion Plot

The original Demonic Killer Plot was supposed to be an investigation to open up the Angelic Sins setting. It failed. To try to continue along that spirit, the plot is going to continue into a new plot as if the killings went on but were never solved (rather than to just retcon the events to a clean slate).

Related posts from the Wordpress. In particular the post Trouble on the Horizon is the lead-in to the new plot.

Plot points so far…

  • Low income areas around Chicago have unexplained killings going on, mostly attributed to gang violence but those with experience know this is likely not the case.
  • Sightings of the classic Slender Man have been reported linked to brutal home-invasion-killings.
  • The character Elena Kovac played by @darktrooper501 has had an encounter already.
  • As has Samual Phantom played by @Dasfier, though more with the aftermath than the actual creatures or killings directly.

Where we’re going…

  • Demons are using the Slender Men to gather power for the demons trying to enter the material plane.
  • The power being gathered is in the form of souls of the dead, stolen by the Slender Men and used in dark rituals.

Empty Cul De Sacs

I want to start pushing this idea that there’s been a lot of deaths in the poor areas. This can take a lot of forms, but I want there to be mentions of empty cul de sacs where families have been killed or are just missing (the missing ones are probably dead too).

No One Cares

There should be some concept of smaller organizations who do care, this should really highlight the fact that the government agencies don’t care.

Magic Ripples

The stuff going on is abnormal, those attuned to nature would feel it as wrong in the form of ripples in the magic / psionic feel of the city. There’s a lot of energy being used, transferred, and otherwise manipulated and it doesn’t feel good. Not just in terms of the bad feeling about this vibe but it feels sick (as in illness sick).