Deity of Obsession and Apathy Notes

He represents the need for balance between passion and letting go. In mythology his story is one about honesty as well, told to children about why they should not lie about who they are.


What the deity wants is to know peace, they have never known peace. He will do what he can, but overall he has trouble with consistency and the drive to go after such a goal. The need for peace drives him to struggle every day against its nature. He likes quiet restfulness, but true rest is always out of reach. Chaos and disorder distract him horribly and make it difficult to control himself. Seeing the world in black and white terms, he sees itself as a failure.

A being of extremes he is generous at times, taking on the extremes of others to give a peaceful place for those people to dwell in their hearts for a short time. At other times he is ruthless and destructive.

He is moody and even unstable at times. The mood swings run deep and skew his view of the world. Swinging between the extremes of being obsessed and single minded toward an object or a goal (sometimes a person) and falling into a dark apathy where nothing is ever worth doing nor will be ever worth caring about again.


Son of Myta and Eruer (the deities of Care / Neglect and Hope / Despair). He was believed to be the true son of Myta and Onos for a time and Onos raised him as his own son. He became obsessed with keeping his secret and controlling the truth. When the deception was discovered, he was banished to the mortal realm causing a deep depression. He is cursed by Onos to never know peace but has learned to help others find it when he can. He is known to follow his brother, Somus, through the mortal realm always seeking to find the peace of mind he once lost.


He is known to play the flute and his music has the power to give peace while he plays it, though it transfers the chaos in the mind and heart of who hears it into his own mind / heart. Thus he can only play it for a short time.


He has the uncanny ability to see a path through the chaos and confusion of others.

Following from Deity Brainstorming - Obsession and Apathy.