Deity of Light and Dark Notes

No knowledge is free. It must be earned. To earn one must show purpose.


She believes in balance in all things and desires to create and hold onto that balance. Never too much of one thing or the other. Particularly of knowledge and ignorance. She believes that knowledge should always have a purpose and should be tempered with ignorance, for no one person can hold all of the worlds knowledge. To explain everything is to court madness. While she believes this her desire for balance prevents her from seeing it through, her place in the world must also be in balance. She does not go to extremes. The driving force for her is the balance between life and death.

She enjoys the dusk or dawn, when the night and day are in harmony with each other. As the world wakes or sleeps, it is a unique time of balance. Sometimes one can find her there, on the edge between boundaries. She dislikes extremes such as noon or midnight. She also is not fond of knowledge without purpose.

The source of all woe is a lack of balance.

There are two distinct sides to her, which follow the day and night cycle:

  • At the night she identifies with water, particularly the ocean. She is honest, giving, and gentle. The giver of the light to come, for it will balance out the dark.
  • During the day she is unfeeling, cold, and callous identifying most with the arid desert for the coming darkness will balance out the light.


Daughter of Onos and Myta she loved the balance her parents attained with war and peace, growth and apathy. A veracious learner it is said she learned all the secrets of the world within hours after her birth. Onos gave her the special purpose of carrying the knowledge of the Gods, it was the gift of the Gods for the mortal world. Since it was a gift and not a right mortals had to earn it by demonstrating purpose in what they did.


She can grant gifts of knowledge and wisdom from the gods to mortals who she feels are deserving of them.

  • Inspiration
    Can inspire anyone to find knowledge and wisdom from the world. When one is inspired in one aspect, they will lose sight in another.
  • Genius
    Can bestow the gift of genius, but in doing so one aspect will be heightened to the heavens while the others will be diminished to maintain the balance.
  • Clarity
    Can bestow the gift of clarity, to see things as they truly are for a time but will suffer some other blindness to open that door.

It is known she leaves a trail of discovery for mortals. Some discover knowledge, wisdom, and gain inspiration from that but others find the peace in a lacking of both.

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