Deity of Birth and Death Notes

She wants to see the newly born thrive and the newly dead find peace. She carries the souls of the newly dead, judges them, and should they not be ready will pass them along into another life in the newly born. If they are ready to let the mortal world go, she will pass them to the Infinite Sanctuary where they will know true peace. Should a soul be so corrupted by anger and hate that they seem to be a lost cause, she will cast them out into the Severed Realm to protect the mortal from such a being.

She guards the mortal realm from itself and from others who would invade it.

In all things she will do as she must, short of interfering directly in the affairs of mortals. While they are living it is none of her concern, only when they cross one of the great boundaries between life and death does she take a direct interest. Mortals have trouble letting go of their lives and thus to let go and find peace they must mature and she facilitates this, passing a life from one incarnation to the next. She guards the souls once free of the mortal coil.

Understanding, wisdom, and peace appeal to her while anarchy, ignorance, and violence disgust her. She can see the value in having all things, but detests the paths mortals choose which take them away from true wisdom and peace.

She is kind, protective, and honorable to those within her charge but she can be ruthless, judgement, and unforgiving to those who challenge her or those who do not deserve to be passed on to another life.


She is the daughter of Onos and Myta. Raised among the battle fields of her father’s efforts she learned the value of death and that it wasn’t to be feared. Yet as mortals killed each other there was a need to birth new humans, they fell into despair. To give them hope her mother tasked her with watching over the newly born and the newly dead. Without this movement of souls no life could exist and her parents created life, thus she was needed and will always be needed so long as life exists.

She was the first born of the Old Gods.


She keeps the flowers and oversees the gardens of the world. Having an affinity with Earth and Fire, bright and colorful flowers appeal to her.

She is a perfect judge, having the ability to tell instinctively if a soul is ready to leave the world behind, if they are at peace with their mortal legacy and can move on.


She can see and understand the line of a person and their family going back to the beginning of time.