Deity Brainstorming - Birth & Death

Related to the New Gods & Goddesses post.
Here are the existing Old Gods predominantly for Embers of Soteria.

The two bookends for a person’s life. I imagine getting into the deity may start to define a way of looking and life and death for this particular religion. We haven’t gotten into other religions yet so this could end up being a basis for regional religions. I’d really like to hear as many thoughts on this as possible.

Are they one god or two gods?
Or something more exotic?

One deity with 2 faces really, or rather 2 sides. Most of the deities I’ve got so far are like that, so it goes with the theme. I’m open to suggestions though if you’ve got something more exotic in mind.

Well, deities of birth typically have very motherly aspects
Depending on whether they’re a god of death specifically (Like Thanatos) or the underworld (Like Hades) they might have either a psychopomp-sorta representation, or they might be an ‘evil’ sorta god

That’s interesting. I had considered doing a motherly sort of Goddess but who was “lovely and terrible”, someone harsh that could hold up doing both birth and death.

I’m getting a “Stern mother figure” sorta vibe… I’ll look for some similar examples in existing pantheons for reference

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