Dealing with Loss (Open Ended)

This takes place around 2-3am right after talking to Will and Tal about the fallen, the night after the Nomad’s attack. This is an open ended role play, so anyone may answer it.

Admiral Thomas stood at the window in the officers mess about the USS Nemian. It couldn’t have been more than 0240 perhaps? The place was empty as usual for this time of night, he missed his other ship - the Ishtar, he liked the design of the Constitution Refit, certainly a lot more than some of the more modern vessels. Of course the Nemian was a good ship, he liked having the Captains Gig, the Waverider Class Runabout was not much to look at but it did the job well enough.

Still that wasn’t what was really on his mind. No, instead what was on his mind was the bodies in the docking bay. They needed to be moved, the coroner would arrange that and get everyone catalogued, the business of dealing with death. It was gruesome, and still all he could think of was the 4 operatives he lost. They’d have to have a memorial service, he didn’t even want to think about that. Or notifying the families, or the oncoming threat of these Nomad’s - whatever they were. Instead, he thought of ship designs, it was light, he knew all the answers already. When morning came he wouldn’t be able to put it off anymore and likely before he slept tonight he’d have already started preparing himself for what was to come. For now, however, he watched the stars.

Shiro attempts to make a call for Lance on the communcators. Hopeing to get to see him after all that’s happened recently.

Lance taps his communicator, “Admiral Thomas here, go ahead.” He sounds tired, far more than he usually sounds even after a long dead.

“Hey there Lance this is Shiro. You ok… not that I’m worries or anything” Shero says in a tone that implys she is worried but just doesn’t want to admit it.

He smiles, but it would be hard to hear in his voice as he spoke, “That’s a loaded question Shiro, we just lost a lot of people. So, yeah, I’ve been been better.”

“Yeah… I suppose alot has happened.” Shiro says trying to hold her feelings back, thou not doing a good job hiding that she is “Mind if I come over?”

“Feel free, Shiro. Sounds like you might be feeling worse than I am.” he smiles again to himself, but again it would be difficult to hear in his voice.

“I just wanna find those freaks and tear them to shreads.” She says in anger and then calmy says “I’ll be there shortly”

A short bit Later Shiro beams over to Nemian and looks for lance

The transporter officer directs Shiro to the officers mess. The ship is oddly quiet, lights were dimmed in Night Mode, the directions were easy enough though, the ship was a pretty small ship. Lance turned around when she entered, “Have a seat?” he asked trying to be cordial and a good host - since this was his ship and all. “Did you get called up in the battle?” he asked as he walked over to her.

“Oh, Sadly no. I only heard about it after wards… I wish I could of given th a piece of my mind.” Shiro says a bit angerly pun her the palm.of her hand

“No you don’t. We lost 404 people out there. Too many and I think we can spare a moment to be glad when you know someone who didn’t have to risk being among them.” Lance says as he heads to the storage cabinet and gets a bottle of whiskey out with a pair of glasses. “Join me for a drink?”

“Sure” Shiro says and then ask “You seem especially worried about me.”

“Especially worried about everyone.” He paused a bit, “Perhaps more about you than since, you’ve had so little time to experience life on your own.”

“Yeah. Most of a couple months and most of that just spent on the station.” Shiro then says “I can’t even decided if that means I have everything or nothing to lose.”

“You have everything to lose.” Lance says a bit quickly, “Life with a clean slate, new identity, all your past knowledge to go off of.” He smiled a bit at that, “Sounds like a boon to me.” He pours her a glass of whiskey and one for himself too, then takes a seat at the table.

“I suppose” Shiro says “Just wish I knew more about myself. I got a basic sense of identity at this point who I am now, but who do I wanna become. I still don’t know.” Shiro takes the glass Lances poured and sips it.

“I suppose we can just do the best woth what we are given.” Shiro says

“No one really knows what they want to become.” Lance smiles at her as he takes a sip of his whiskey as well, he enjoys the flavor and the feeling of warmth as it slides down his throat. He hadn’t realized he closed his eyes to take a sip but opens them and his smile is a bit warmer. “I myself, wanted to become a cook when I was a little kid.” he chuckles at that, “I’m still not much of a cook though. Play the hand that you’re given, just like poker.”

“…I am a good fighter, and I do have plenty of natural ability that aod in stealth.” Shiro says taking another sip