Dangerous Broadcast - Brainstorming

This is in reference to the Dangerous Broadcast plot.

I don’t really want to retype a bunch of stuff here, but I would like to get some creative brainstorming going on. A broadcast from the future ends up on every cell phone, radio station, tv station, on the planet on a specific day all at the same time.

What I’m thinking right now is that it is some kind of warning about World War 3, specifically to the supernaturals of Earth as they will be decimated by their participation (willing / unwilling) in the war.

The initial plot is going to take place solely in Angelic Sins, but I’m not sure what shape this will take. So right now, I know there is a broadcast, during the role play we’ll find things out about the broadcast and about the government’s response to the broadcast. The game will be a series of smaller role plays, since we’ve had some success doing that format.

So what ideas are out there? What kind of broadcast is it? What will the characters be doing – do they believe it? Are they trying to convince others? Are they just looking for answers? Anything / everything is on the table right now.

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