Dancing with the Devils Past (John and Alyshan)

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The young redheaded woman was sitting at the bar in Finnegan’s, the bartender had refused to give her something stronger than ginger ale, which upset her a lot but she was still friendly to the man. She was friendly to most people, even at at time like this where she was upset. She’s a petite woman of clearly very few years, perhaps 16 or 17 at most by her looks, but those who talk to her consider she might be younger still. She’s got a quintessential innocence about her somehow, even though she’s been through so much in her life already.

Anyone looking at her would see the girl was nervous, not intensely so but she was fiddling with her hair or tapping her fingers on the glass of liquid. Finny, the bartender, had tried to talk to her several times but while she spoke often, she didn’t actually say very much. An observer of human behavior though, could tell somewhere in her she had a lot to say.

John walked into the tavern after a long day of patrols with his men, he wore his usual outfit just minus his coat. He smiled and brushed his hair from his face as he walked in, he was going to his usual seat when he noticed the girl. He could tell something was off, the way she was acting and such, so he decided to check up on her
“You alright over here lass” john asked in a friendly tone as he sat down next to her and gave her a light smile

She was startled by his question, and showed it, almost dropping her drink (but not quite). Looking over at him she gave him the standard but obviously false answer, “Oh, no, I’m just fine.” she was lying of course and she wasn’t very good at it either.

John shook his head as he slowly raised his hand and poked her on the forehead before grabbing a drink from his bag
“Look that was obviously a lie…I can tell by the way your actions and I know a bit of therapy so yeah” John said as he stared and drank his beer

She looked around as if there was any possible way that people there had no idea she was really bothered by a lot of things. She had nothing to do on the station, it was only supposed to be a short visit! Still, she remembered what her mother taught her about being calm and accepting help when it was offered. You declined once, made sure that they could accept that if they were just being polite but you could accept the second offer. She nodded a bit at him, “I’m just, very worried about my friends. They are, well they are the only people I’ve got left and I don’t know what happened to them.”

“Ah worried about your friends…I know that feeling lass” John said with a sigh as he sipped his beer again “I was a soldier…lead a whole company and all of em were my friends…So i was constantly worried about them ya know” said john as he stared at her “Why exactly are you worried about them?”

“Well,” she starts and then pauses thinking of how much she should tell this man, but decides it wouldn’t hurt to open up a little bit to him, “we were only supposed to be docked here a few days, they left to go bring in some cargo but I wanted to see the city, so they left me here. But then after they left, the announcement came that we were emergency jumping.” she shook her head, “I don’t even know what that meant really just that it wasn’t good.” looking down she finished, “I haven’t seen them since.”

“So you got left behind when we jumped the huh?” John said as he rubbed his neck “I know the pain. During an operation I was left behind during the a fucked evacuation…I know you feel like you’ll never see em again but I promise you will…I’ll make sure ya do” he said as he smiled in reassurance

She sighed, “Everyone says that…” she then realizes what she sounds like, “Hey, I don’t mean that I don’t believe anyone but, I don’t do well on my own.” she really looks down now, she was clearly quite ashamed of this and to have just admitted it to someone who was pretty much a stranger. She then mumbles a bit, “I’m… Alyshan.”

“Eh its fine lass, I kinda assumed most folks would’ve already told ya that and all” john said with a chuckle “And if ya don’t do so well on yer own lass you could always find me for assistance ya know, Names John, John Angelos by the way. Its nice to meet ya Alyshan”

She smiles a bit at him, and looks up, it was complete cheese the way she looked at him. Oh it wasn’t like she was smitten or about to go following him around like a lost puppy but he really made her feel better and so far, most people had stopped at platitudes. Everyone was nice, well almost everyone was nice, but no one really wanted to do more than what they had to. She nodded, “Thank you John. Do you, know why we are here?”

John smiles back at her as he speaks “Ah no problem lass, I’m just doing what I do best and by why we’re here do you mean why we had to jump? because I can answer that one kinda”

“Well.” she realizes that she perhaps asked the weirdest question ever for the conversation, and the nodded a bit, “Yeah, what was about the jump, I’m afraid I don’t know much about this place. I mean I’ve heard of Solas Tempus of course but I never imagined a city like this existed, this place is larger than the largest space station I’ve ever seen. Someone said that it was found, but I can’t imagine ever losing it, so how could one find it?” she rambled a bit, and somehow John had broken the ice with her. She trusted quickly, well for the most part, it would be one thing if he was looking her over or checking her out or something but he seemed to just be talking and talking was something she had not done much of over the last several months.

“well I don’t really know if ya want to hear this but I heard we had to because…well we’re running away…the timelines fucked or something like that…ya know time-space warp fuckery to the third degree” john said with a sigh as he sipped his drink again “as for the station…it is quite large…very impressive and all but honestly I don’t know much about it”

She nods, sort of, it isn’t that she didn’t understand the words of course… Timelines… Running away… Warp fuckery… Well, that last one was a bit new to her, but she wasn’t stupid by any means; innocent in a lot of ways, having been sheltered for a long time, and rather stranger-in-a-strange-land right now, but overall she was, just confused by what he said. “Oh,” was all she managed to say, though her face said plenty of the fact that she didn’t quite grasp what had happened, the subject of the station was a different matter, “I didn’t know anyone could even build something like this.”

“Having a hard time grasping the thought of what I said? John said as he stared at her before slowly raising his two fingers and gently poking her forehead “Don’t ya worry about it thought alright? I know a lot of good people out there doing their best to fix whatever the fucks going on…as for stations of this size, back in my universe the empire created a planet killing space station the size of a small moon”

The fingers to the forehead made her laugh a bit and blush too… She was laughing just a little bit when he said that about the planet killing space station and her eyes went wide, “That sounds absolutely horrible, did a dictator built it?”

“heh…cute” john said quietly to himself as he shook his head regaining focus on Alyshan “Oh it was a horrible thing…they destroyed alderaan…and killed millions…and it wasn’t a dictator it was an evil Emperor” john said as he stared at the ground “But the Rebellion managed to blow that shit up”

She smiles then, and then shows a bit of her actual intelligence… “Well an Empire usually destabilizes quickly under that kind of rule. Even in this universe, the Romulan Empire has had to stay relatively democratic and empowering of their senate in order to keep the people from revolting, even though they have a number of fairly negative aspects to keep the peace.” The way she talks gives away that she’s actually fairly schooled in politics, just not very experienced in the realm.

“Well aren’t ya a smart one lass” john said with a chuckle “But yeah…I guess that’s right…hell it’s why the Rebellion came to be…sick and tired of the way they ruled us and treated us…it was bullshit and I’m glad I joined the rebellion!” He yelled with pride, it would be obvious to Alyshan that John was proud to be a Rebel and to fight against the Empire