Cylindra the Ceramic Automaton

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Cylindra
|fullname= Cylindra
|race= Automaton
|alignment= Lawful good
|gender= female
|height= 5'5"
|weight= 150lbs
|haircolor= redish
|eyecolor= brown
|age= 21
|creationdate= 5/20/2000
|creationplace= Chicago
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= Maid at Serenity Asylum
|figure= automaton like body with white porcelain chassis / coverings / body plates. Redish hair. Dull brown eyes

|setting=Angelic Sins

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words).

She somewhat has split personality, one side highly obedient and submissive, going about her various chores… the other side is in a panic and often times afraid and begging to leave, often times freaking out about her appearance and similar things, most which can sound like paranoia.

== Special Abilities ==
Arm multiplication (she can divide her arms to grant her a total of 6 arms as needed for her tasks, and for multitasking)

Levitation / gravity / force magic

Exchangeable parts being a form of automaton her parts can be detached and reattached, as well as she can attach various attachments to help her perform

== Special Skills ==
Cleaning, cooking, serving

== Special Equipment ==
Maid outfit

Spare parts and attachments

Button on the back of her neck which switches her between live / active and doll mode

== Background ==
Originally a simple Porcelain doll in a maid outfit with multiple points of articulation, she was used by a patient at the Asylum as a type of companion for the patient.

After the asylum was abandoned, Cylindra was also abandoned, left alone… once the Asylum was repurposed, she was originally being used as a decoration, being cleaned up and dressed in another maid outfit… her body experienced some repair and some enhancements.

Spare parts were found and kept in a storage room.

One day, an unfortunate visitor to the new Asylum got to close to the doll, and suddenly found his soul in Cylindra’s chassis and now she is alive and was given duties as a maid and servant, as well as part of the businesses’ brothel when desired.

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That’s a nice character, Das!

Not a blocker for approval, I am really just curious:
I understand that a visitor of the repurposed Asylum got their soul sucked into the doll; Does that soul retain its sense of self or did it get “overridden” with Cylindra’s “identity”?

it retains it’s sense of self, so it gives her a bit of a split personality, or dual personality and identity. so one moment she could be a very obedient servant, the next would be acting like a different person, freaking out, panicking, and / or recalling different memories and experiences. that kind of thing. but as far as most are aware, it’s just Cylindra having a dual personality moment.

There is a plan to potentially make her the BU vault’s Curator and caretaker, due to her unique qualifications. at that point things may be different, we’ll have to see.

Approved for AS