Cylindra & Rebecca - Demonic Dolls

This is in reference to Cylindra and Rebecca, more specifically a recent RP on Discord involving myself, Red’s character Kaito, and Das’s characters Cylinder & Rebecca starting here.

This thread is to discuss what to do about the 2 characters long term.

@Dasfier and I spoke previously about making the two dolls some kind of demon-doll hybrids. I was opening this thread to discuss that further before approving Rebecca. I have, of course, a few thoughts on this but wanted to run it by you first. Since we’re be changing both characters, I figured a separate thread would be in order.

I am perfectly fine with them turning into some kind of hybrid, however, I believe it should be rooted in them being dolls. Since Angelic Sins is supposed to be less of a sci-fi/fantasy kind of setting and more of a modern horror, I wonder if we shouldn’t go in a direction of them being more like dolls and less like androids? I say this because, I wonder if we shouldn’t integrate an idea common to many contemporary horror films, about a possessed or demonic object causing nasty things; such as in the movie Oculus or Annabelle which exists in the Conjuring universe where the doll is referenced many times.

This gives the opportunity to explore a different kind of duality than you have explored before. Jaden has a duality of being demon/human-ish but this manifests in reckless abandon with hints of sexuality. You could play with a more cruel, sadistic, and almost sociopathic kind of duality. That would make the two dolls, at times, closer to a serial killer like Ted Bundy – calm, controlled, collected, fully aware of what they are doing and wanting to do it anyway.

I also think perhaps we should have it so that the Jurima Fruma somehow gets left behind and the shapeshifting ability is passed into them demonically? That also explains the kluge we did before for the ring duplicating, which I didn’t care for in the fist place.

What are your thoughts Das? Ultimately they are your characters, but I wanted to bring up different ways of expressing this demonic presence. I will be happy to go with how you envision the characters, of course, as they are not my characters.

I think that’s an interesting concept for sure, I do like the idea of the duality, the ability to shapeshift and developing more depth to their actions and reason for their madness, and since there’s two of them they can each take a different aspect of that. Okay, that can work, might take me a while to figure out how to play that but maybe worth a shot.

I am curious, lore wise, what would we have happen? since they’re vulnerable now, maybe their “debriefing” is a bit more of an experiment which makes them more demon dolls or, just as a byproduct of the infection, basically corrupted the souls of the people inhabiting the dolls, not quite making them demons since the infection was removed before it could go further.

As far as the powers being transferred to them through their previous infection or through other demon like means, that works to me, suddenly the ring returns to it’s normal look in Lance’s palm or something, not sure how you feel about the choker having a duplicate or if we can figure something else for that.

Yeah I’m not sure what to do about the choker either, I don’t necessarily mind it being duplicated, or there being more than one perhaps. I think I’d rather there be more than one, which is doable.

I like the idea of the debriefing being a bit of an experimentation on them, find out what they are. It would not be fun and could set up a different kind of relationship with Lance. I am thinking they perhaps resent him, a kind of frienemy situation. That’s a new dynamic for me too that I wouldn’t mind exploring.


Ya, I could see them reluctantly obeying him, the only reason they haven’t wandered off or created absolute chaos in his base or similar is those little collars, so they’re colder and distant towards him, it would make them desire to go on any mission to get away for a few minutes… and when they’re finally assigned to wherever they get assigned to they are so relieved, untill BU Lance shows up.

I wonder, do you see them as – in the centuries which pass between AS and BU mellowing out at all?

I feel like in some cases they would, but I could still see an aspect of that duality would remain, though perhaps more precise and targeted, or focused on tormenting rather than straight out killing.

Gosh… now they seem to be turning into some special kind of interrogators, or fitting with that role as well as whatever task they are given

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