Crooked Trucker NPC

Creating a character who is not evil but, self serving. He is a low-level but independant smuggler who will pretty much move anything that he gets paid to move. Very little empathy for others.

Joshua Lopez (Joss or Joshy to his mother)

Finds himself to be deeply religious and religious iconography decorate the cab of his truck. He’s a straight man who would never admit it, but he’s a bit afraid of alternative ways of life. Friends and family might describe him as a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy or a man’s man. He believes in man-culture and is vaguely threatened by ideas of feminism unsure why women aren’t happy with what they have. He tends toward belief that women should stay in the home and men should work, and work hard. He goes to church every Sunday when he’s home but he’s not home a lot.

Joss doesn’t like change and tends to be close-minded when it comes to new ideas but is open to stricter interpretations of the bible even though he doesn’t really follow it’s teaching that well. He believes he is a good Christian though, despite his business decisions that involve lying and cheating, justifying them to himself as evening the playing field.

He works as a long-haul trucker most of the time but will go where work takes him, be it shorter hauls or even driving different rigs such as box trucks or whatever needs to be driven. He likes driving and he is genuinely skilled at it. He can stay awake and alert at all hours of the night. A reliable sort though he’ll grumble and gripe about a lot of things when he’s got a job to do he does it. He talks heavy thought about quitting and throws around phrases like they can’t do that and the sort even though he’ll never act on what he says, he likes to say them. When working he’s kind of obsessed with bagels, he has to have one every morning and spends a lot of time deciding on if he can get one in a town he’s going to or if he has to bring one himself. If he misses his bagel breakfast he gets really upset and it ruins his day.

When not working he is a bit lazy feeling like he’s done his duty as a man and now should reap the benefits of it, namely being able to sit and relax on his days off. He hates household chores, the honey-do list, or anything that takes him off the couch when he’s not working. Even with this he’s in relatively good shape, if a bit heavy.

He’s married to Joanne Morrison, she’s his age and works as a professional housekeeper cleaning homes. He’s got 4 kids, Harmony, Reginald, Brandy, and Micah. Harmony is only 2 and his pride and joy while Micah (14) he hopes will get some proper schooling and make something of himself. Brandy (who is 7) is a bit of a misfit and if something has gone wrong he tends to blame her for it before he has all the facts. Reginald is only 5 but hasn’t taken to his dad like Micah did when he was that age, possibly due to the fact that Joss is never home.

Joss’s best friend is a barber named Maury O’Moore who he’s known since high school. Maury and him go back Freshman football tryouts together, where they met Adam SImon and Jacques Gonzalez (Jack to his friends). In high school they were absolutely inseparable but the years since high school has not been kind to the friendships. Adam is a borderline alcoholic and Jacques family had money and paid for him to go to school at Yale straight out of high school, they never speak anymore.

Maury and Joss often talk about the good ol’ days and while Maury feels fondly for Adam and Jack, Joss does not. To Joss they are just perfect examples of how the country is going to hell. He blames Adam’s drinking on some legal trouble with a DUI about 15 years ago, when really Adam has had severe depression since the death of his sister the year after graduation. Joss doesn’t see how the system could have kicked a man while he’s down. For Jack and Joss, they were never as tight as the others and Jack’s parents didn’t really approve of Joss so much. Joss is angry and even hateful at times as Jack just leaving and never even calling to see how Adam is doing. Maury stays as close to Adam as he can but Joss himself finds it unbearable to watch Adam drinking all the time.