Creating Lore -- Elam the Duck

So this idea has been loosely bouncing around my head for a while. I discussed it on the server somewhat the idea – @Cyber was kind enough to come up with the idea of a crude sketch of a duck. I love this idea, there is something silly about a duck.

The basic idea is to be like Kilroy Was Here, but for Temporal Operatives to place in locations throughout time. The image needs to be vague enough as to be odd but otherwise unintelligible to the local population but specific enough so Temporal Operatives can recognize it and it significance.

The image of the sketched duck is one thing, but I want to craft the full lore around it. The lore around Kilroy is fascinating, and disputed, but it may go all the way back to Australia in WWI or may be something involved with shipbuilding from America during WWII but is likely interrelated with similar images and characters in England, Australia, and America.

As such, I would love to craft this lore along those same lines. So… How does this little duck get created? I’m considering naming him Elam – it means Forever / Hidden in Hebrew and is also a reference to a Deep Space 9 character.


ooohh I love that name! Forever AND Hidden just perfectly suits the nature of Temporal Operatives.

We could keep it easy and go with something Lance/Sal experienced on their earliest missions, maybe in their Section 31 days.
Perhaps a drawing from a child they were somehow connected to?

One Temporal Operative had to go undercover and was lost in time while on a mission back when it first appeared, and they disguised themselves as an engineer, as a shipbuilder… and because rubber ducks were hard to come by in the war, they drew this duck to… rubberduck debug calculations. Other operatives, who knew them, established that drawing as a form of recognition.

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The more I think about it the more I like this idea, it has origins in a child’s drawing, within canon, Temporal Operatives see a lot of losses in the people that help them along the very, either due to the mission or just the fact that if you are from the future everyone you meet is a corpse to you.

So, I think it isn’t these hard and jaded agents like Sal or Lance who started it, but a low level newbie that didn’t last long that did it. Others picked it up as a homage to the nobody who first put it up.

The question then comes as to how they leave it, Kilroy was left in whatever was to hand like chalk, paint, or some such. Is this left the same way? I’m definitely of two minds about it.


I am really on the side of “being drawn with whatever was to hand”.

Operatives do have to get creative on missions.

I can completely hang with that – so I need to come up with a basic character bio so I can properly do the backstory of them. That should be easy enough, I’m thinking a naive kind of Operative that didn’t last long but left a lasting mark because of that innocence.

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