Creating Channels / Channel Order

New Channels

When channels are created, please “Clone Channel” if able to, this is going to allow permissions to stay consistent. If the permissions get wonky it could allow muted or un-verified players to post to channels they are not allowed to post to.

Channel Order

Additionally, channels go (generally) in a most general to least general order.

Taking a look at the category for the Schatten Star System is is easily seen:


This allows players to better see that the Visitor Complex is within the Avali Complex, on Schatten 5 which is in the Schatten Star System. There are, of course, some exceptions, such as the #deep-space channel coming at the end in the ic-anywhere category, since it is a general catch all channel.

Overflow Channels

Overflow channels are to be numbered; #channel-1 or #channel should be the main channel. Overflow should start at -2, so #channel, #channel-2, #channel-3, etc… For playability, it is generally a good idea to avoid more than 1 or 2 overflow channels, depending on the size of the area. If possible, an overflow channel can be turned into a specific region, for example:

The Recreation module contains the Admin Complex, Amphitheater, as well as 2 ponds, a wooded area, and walking trails. Thus if a lot of people are using #rec-module and overflow is needed, then it might be a good idea to create a channel for #fishing-pond or #wooded-area in that fits where some characters actually are. In this particular example, a general layout of the recreation module can be found on the wiki, in the station designs. Similar for starships.

Since the USS Lilith now has overflow as well, it is a suggestion that - if at all possible - it be more refined. So that #lilith is the main general use channel and then #bridge or #lounge as more specific settings.