Creating a Demon - Corrupter of Children

So for the upcoming Corrupted Children plot I need to create a demon to be doing all these evil thing. I figure it’s a megalomaniac, would like more power, does not hold any value to human lives other than power, and is opportunistic.

I have some other questions though…

  • Weaknesses?
  • Is it corporeal?
  • Can it be banished?
    • If so, how can it be banished?
  • How evil is it?
  • Is it diabolical?
  • Opportunistic as in doesn’t plan, or does it have a long game?

Yeah, a lot of questions. I’d really like help here, I just… I don’t do well at making demons.

Perhaps making the demon weak to a metal might be interesting? Like silver or gold?
An incorporeal or ghostlike demon that can be banished might be interesting…Sorta Exorcist vibe.
Maybe it starts out not planning since it sees humanity as beneath it, but it gets injured or temporarily abated at one point and it starts planning a bit better?

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