"Cover is for cowards" - or: "The day that I changed" (Neo's story)

Figured I could write a few paragraphs. As school is hitting pretty hard, I will only throw some short paragraphs in here, and maintain this thread if I don’t forget about it.

The Sigma facility is located in deep space, within the nebula X, in the border area of the Taerian space to the Xoutorian space. Its purpose is medical assistance and treatment. What I did not know at this point: It was our main base for offensive covert operations.

I am Neo Akazuli, a simple Doctor, working at Sigma to glue the injured veterans and soldiers together.

Today is an usual day… roaming the clean white, crowded facility’s floors, I rushed from patient to patient, checking here, sewing a wound there, and occusionally using a dermal regenerator to generate damaged tissue, or such things. A doctors daily life.

Anyway there is a sense of tension in the air, as if everyone waits for something to happen… I clearly notice the tension, and do my best to calm the situation. Anyway this…feeling does not go away.

The patient I currently treat, a man named Zedd, who got injured by a energy shot in a fight, asks me something. His voice is curious, his posture relaxed, as he lays there on his bed, even as I applied a sedative using a syringe directly in the wound, he does not change his posture.
"You seem a bit nervous, Doctor Akazuli?"
I was suprised, which I do not mind to show.
"Yes, Zedd. It’s a bit the atmosphere here. A bit tensed."
Zedd frowns, his facial expression quickly changing to serious, and, suprising to me, a bit worried.
"It is, Doctor."
Before I could inquire further, my headset beeps. As I accept, I know already that’s the CMO and CO of this facility, Commander Hort. I turn around and bring some distance between me and Zedd to speak freely with my boss, and answer the call with calm, and quiet noise. I want to make sure only Hort hears what I say.
"Commander Hort, Akazuli here. What can I do…"
I get interrupted halfway by Hort.
"Neo, join me in my office. Now."
His tone seems a bit worried and hurried, that’s why I replied urgently.
"Of course, Sir, on my way."
I close the channel, and turn back to Zedd. I try to hide my suprise and worry about the strange behaviour of my commander.
"You should be good now. I will come back later, to check up again."
I leave the room with a nod.
Zedd, unaudible for me, mumbles something.
“If we both survive the upcoming hours.”

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I rush through the crowded and stuffed, but clean corridors of the facility towards the office of my boss, Commander Hort.
Nodding there, smiling at my colleagues and patients there, I make my way to the spot, and lower my pace as I get to the doors.
Surprisingly, the doors do not wait for my knock, they open as soon as I get close to them. I enter the office.

Hort’s office is a rather medium-sized room, cupboards cover the walls. There are no windows.
The only really mentionable thing in the room is the desk, a big, made of dark wood one. A wooden plate hides the legs of the one sitting at the desk from view. On the wooden plate, our logo is engraved: the insignia of the Taerian Military.
Hort himself is a man of superlatives. He thinks big, he does big things, and he is big. Not as tall as me, but around 1.5 times width, he has still something on him forcing respect from me in his behavior.
He sat behind his desk, now coming towards me.

I salute sharply soon after I entered the room, and, attempting to hide my nervousity and surprise, I stay at attention.
“Commander Hort.”

Hort responds, surprisingly relaxed and under control:
"Doctor Akazuli, at ease. Have a seat."
He motions vaguely at the seats grouped around his desk, and frees the way for me by stepping aside.

I respond.
"Thank you, Sir."
I walk towards the chair, while Hort walks around the desk and lets himself fall into his chair.
Once we both reached our chairs, I speak up again. I can’t keep silent until Hort eventually starts to tell me why he ordered me here.
“What’s the matter, Sir? Why have you ordered me here?”

Hort sighs, his posture seems to lower: His shoulder stop being straight, and he bends his back.
“Our Intelligence Agents found evidence that this station will be destroyed within the next hour.”