Corrupted Children - Demon Notes


  • What does it want?
    To feed and to hurt people, it enjoys hurting people. It especially enjoys hurting children.
  • How far is it willing to go?
    There is nothing it won’t due to feed / continue to feed within the limits of its abilities.
  • Who does it serve?
    It does not serve anything but its own hunger.
  • Is it intelligent / sentient?
    Yes, it is fully sentient and understand what it is doing and how it impacts the people it feeds off of.


The demon is cold and quick to anger. Does not think ahead but knows what it does is will cause great harm / enjoys causing and feeling that harm. It likes hurting people beyond just feeding on the pain and crushed hopes / dreams of others. It is not overly intelligent but it has designs on more power. It is deceptive to a point, deceptive for a child that trusts. An adult would prove challenging for the demon to deceive for long. Thus they are non-confrontational preferring to stay in the shadows, unseen and unnoticed.

It thrives where children are in peril or under constant stress. Orphanages and group homes are its main feeding grounds. It feeds off of the stress and despair it causes, though it can feed and subsist off of any despair from any living being it chooses children as its primary food source. They are easier to manipulate and they are quicker to become frightened. The resilience of a child also makes it an ideal long term food source for the entity.

Despite feeding from children it does not get particularly attached to a single child. Though it will attempt to stop the removal of any child from its feeding grounds it will also not pursue said child unless there is no one left to feed from. Since the creature delights in causing as much pain as possible it will tend to not feed from a single child but rather many simultaneously. The maximum is can feed off of is depending on its strength, but they tend to get powerful enough to feed from about a dozen children before they split.


They don’t really have a society, they are lone creatures which exist solely to feed and cause pain. They reproduce through the feeding, when one amasses enough power it splits into two. The new entity is fully formed with the memories and understanding of its parent. If the feeding ground is large enough both will exist feeding off of their own part, since each creature has a maximum to how many it can feed off of at once.

Confrontation / Conflict

When confronted the creatures will use illusions / hallucinations to evade being attacked or cause its attackers to harm each other.

Origins / History

These creatures have existed throughout time. They prey on those in the most despair, though there are very few of them. Anywhere there is prolonged and sustained fear, terror, despair, and hopelessness the creatures will eventually show up and feed. They have particularly boomed under famines, wars, and other forms of civil unrest but they do not cause them, simply avail themselves of the opportunities.


  • Simple Deception
  • Reading the Fears of Others
  • Reading Dark Secrets
    They are able to siphon off the darkest secrets of those they are in contact with.


  • Causing Fear
  • Draining Willpower
  • Illusions / Hallucinations
  • Teleportation

Vanquishing (How does one fight it?)

The demon cannot be killed, like any demon, but can be banished.

While its non-corporeal nature makes it immune to physical attacks of most kinds, it is harmed by electrum. It cannot pass through electrum barriers of more than the thickness of paper.

It can be weakened by being drained of the emotional energy which feeds it, which feels like focused and concentrated fear, terror, despair, and depression. Draining it of energy will make it easier to deal with.

Additional Notes

The creature has no physical form at all and can only manifest through hallucinations it gives to others.