Corpus Virus: Zombie Plot so far

Having been requested to, here I’ve compiled the back story and ongoing events in the ongoing Zombie Plot:

On an above sea level corridor in Nimbus, a splice opened, and stayed open. Within a few minutes, a preliminary party was loosely formed and entered the splice. The splice had opened up to a ruined and battle scarred San Francisco. They were engaged by multiple zombie hostiles, before a single Abrams tank, previously thought to be just abandoned, came to life and fired upon the zombies with immediate effect. This was the first unofficial contact with the New Californian Republic. A brief exchange of words proceeded after the zombie were dealt with. The preliminary party gained knowledge of the virus, and that it was an airborne virus that had “infected all of us”.

So the party exited the splice and the corridor with the splice was sealed off in an effort to contain anything that tried to exit as well. Of coarse the virus, being airborne, had already infected most if not all inhabitants off Nimbus

Quarantine went into effect after the first and only outbreak if actual zombies in the sickbay. But by then all of nimbus was more or less infected. But due to knowledge received from residents of the splice, they could deduct that one must be either sick with another virus or such, enough to dampen their immune system, or if the person is bitten/ingests fluids from a zombie. So in an effort to find a cure, or even parts of one, an expeditionary party was sent out into the splice, which is set in an alternate San Francisco who in which the world was devastated by the virus two years prior.

The expeditionary party has now made contact with the leader of the New Californian Republic, Colonel O’Rourke after coming into contact with an NCR patrol called out to investigate the splice after the Abrams crew reported it. They were directed to the main operations base for the NCR.
Their current meeting has gained the following knowledge.

A company called Corpus developed the virus an unknown number of years before the outbreak. On the front, it was invested in “Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries”. It bought out more than half of congress and other powerful government officials to keep their operations behind closed doors. The NCR started a military campaign against Corpus’s malitias in the years after the outbreak. The Corpus forces were both technologically and biologically enhanced, leaving the NCR with only numbers as their advamragey. And so in defeating the known Corpus forces, they took heavy casualties.

The NCR was able to gain plans for a cure, but it took months to develop enough dosage for one person. So in the year since the defeat of Corpus, the only people who have been cured is Colonel Rourke and the five researchers developing the cure

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