Cooper Miller application

{{Character Box

|player= Haladur

|name= Cooper

|fullname= Cooper Miller

|altname= Coop

|race= Vector (Anthropomorphic raccoon)

|alignment= Neutral leaning towards good

|gender= male

|height= 6ft

|weight= 210lbs

|haircolor= N/A

|eyecolor= gold

|age= 33

|dob= 5/6/2689

|birthplace= Venus

|universe= HC svnt dracones

|occ= Representative of spyglass

|org= Spyglass

|figure= Slender

|setting= Molten Aether


You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words).

Cooper is a laid back guy always taking his time going through life.

Due to this he always seems to notice more things around him.

When on a job Cooper is always determined to finish it with all the means at his disposal as cleanly as he can.

== Special Abilities ==

== Special Skills ==

Martial arts

Basic swordsmanship

Sharp eyesight

== Special Equipment ==

== Background ==

Cooper had a relatively normal upbringing at home, a nice family and home on Venus.

He was usually awkward when growing up due to the fact he was not running around like other kids. He suffered teasing from the other kids but he rolled with it then usually turns it into a joke and sometimes even back at the kid. During towards the end of high school he noticed some [REDACTED] leading him to pursue a career in Spyglass. Cooper fit quite well in his new job doing what he was assigned to carefully thoroughly. Overtime he was eventually made Representative of spyglass to the new universe due his outstanding work.

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