Company Brainstorming - 7 Years Enterprises

This company is going to be related to a few things. My ultimate plan is to provide an antagonist who could perhaps be defeated without defeating the overarching threat of Onyx itself, which I plan to have be a threat for a long while.

Right now the company 7 Years Enterprises is related to my Liars Promise storyline tangentially as they own the holdings in the Capetian Star System where some of the action and investigation takes place. I am also going to have them be a player in the Exploring a Derelict plot that I’m developing.

On the outset I have a vision of a shadowy company where it is difficult to tell where their legitimate business practices end and illegal practices begin. Most certainly they do work for Onyx but that probably isn’t the only group that hires them. I want them to be somewhat independent and work for others as well. I also kind of imagine the criminal enterprises that go on in The Blacklist. Cleaners, lobbyists, money launderers, shady lawyers, etc…

Some of the things I’m looking at are:

  • What are the origins / history of the company?
  • Who are it’s customers?
  • Where does it find employees?
  • What kind of reputation does it have?
  • What are its business practices?
  • Who are its partners?

There’s a lot there, but I would appreciate any help anyone can give in developing this company.

The Trello Card is also up if anyone wants to look at it. It provides links to related elements and notes in OneNote, etc.

We could include some mafia / triad / yakuza / tong influences? Like the organisation was originally a front company for some criminal organisation.

It would be interesting if they’ve managed to scrub their image clean since their founding, methinks…

I think something similar to the triad / yakuza… Perhaps not Earth-based but involving humans. That would allow more creative freedom in defining them. Criminal organization ruled by honor and tradition (that’s what I know of the triad, which is not much). I can build on that.

Any other thoughts?

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