Colonization Plot

So I’ve started this new thread so that we can hone in on this idea better. We’ve got this idea for a planet that the Serenity Concord wants to colonize, and that there will be some kind of protesters. I think that it would be best for the protesters to be on both sides of the argument. Leave the planet how it naturally is vs using its resources. I kind of imagine these two sides to be rather extreme so that they are more diametrically opposed. The question comes in, surveying the planet and such, what kind of things will they find to make this all interesting?

Is there going to be life already living there? Like people who would rather ST stay away from them because they prefer nature over technology?

I would say an ancient alien exploration robot so the protesters on one side could want to preserve the planet for archeological significance. Or you could see Isaac Arthur’s Mars colonization youtube video for ideas as well

Both of those ideas are really good. We did have the idea of some kind of ancient civilization arc. I had forgotten about that… The protests could be whether or not to activate the arc.

Okay so a few more ideas from the YouTube vid I talked about. Let’s say the planet has some landmarks that give it tourist value that’s an option against colonization. Also how we colonize could be a point of conflict, do we terraform the planet? How much? Use genetically modified organisms to survive on the planet and how modified are they? Make lots of habitats and turn the planet into a hive city? Or again make it a park or preserve where the majority of the population is in a station in space with them going to the surface to maintain the beauty of the planet

I’m not sure what you mean by Hive city, and in what context?

Now, there are a lot of potentials points of conflict with colonization! We could actually have more than two factions trying to get their point across.