Cleansing of Demons, Nightmares Unleashed

Asha had used the excuse of practicing her cleric spells to get away from Sunn and into a secluded place. Somewhere she had gone too many times. There she went through a ritual she had kept secret from Sunn. She would hear them again, the voices, the demons, angry screeching, demanding, threatening, tempting. These voices where echos left in her mind from when the demons were banished. She lays down screaming all manner of phrases and obscenities as her mind strains under the pressure of a completely new mental situation. She relives the pain of fifteen years of corruption and her purification over and over. As if on repeat in her mind. It is something akin to post traumatic stress disorder but no one would be able to diagnose her in such a primitive world.

Throughout all of Asha’s time going to her secluded area, hearing the voices in her head and screaming through it all, Sunn had constantly believed it was just Asha going to practice her magic. He saw no problem in Asha since she never opened up to him, he was merely under the impression that she would open up to him if she had any troubles. She was his sister after all, and he would never lie to familiy, so he expected her to do the same, even if not immediately. But soon, he would find out the entire truth of the situation, the entire thing indeed

Sunn was out practicing his magic himself, he was just about to finish in fact. The training went sub-par at best, but Sunn was slowly making process with his training. He would soon master it and then move on to a new magic, that was his plan, But for now, he’s making slow progress and decides to head to Whiterage to get some food. It was a short trip since it was just for a bottle of wine and a snack for he and Asha, even if Asha’s naga metabolism was slow enough where she couldn’t accept it. He at least wanted to try to be generous.

From there he goes to hop amongst the trees to go and see Asha to hopefully not interrupt her and say a quick hello. It had been near an hour given that Sunn walked to Whiterage. But on his way, he began to wonder, and because of such he stopped on a random brach
“Where exactly DOES she practice her magic?”
He asks himself intrnally, and from there he would hear it.

He heard the ever-so-faint sound of screming out of the bottom of his ear, this time Asha just barely caught his attention. Sunn jerks his head to the direction of it was. He thought it was just him hearing things with how faint it was, but after he heard it again, he not only confirmed it was real, he could also confirm who it was who was screaming
Sunn yells as he drops all of his bought good, leaving them behind to rush as fast as he could from tree to tree to get to her. After many times repeating at the top of his lungs
and many different leaps of many different lengths, he eventually reaches her.

The sight is nothing but unholy to him. Asha screaming on the ground going through some sort of mental insanity breakdown. He truly only got a full sight of this once he got to Asha up close, since he was leaving no time to observe the sight of her going through this, and dashed with only a blur of her in his sights until he was fully close to her. He slips off his shoulder pads with a throw of them to the side as he goes to pick Asha up into his arms, while still on his knees

“Asha! Asha talk to me! Talk to me Asha please! What’s going on with you!?”
He asks as he tries to find anything on her body that could be the cause of her going through this

Asha panics even more when Sunn arrives she had not meant for him to see this, to burden him like this. She starts trying to slither away from him. “No not you I NO I MESSED UP!” She was still in the middle of an episode but now it was a full blown meltdown. She started hallucinating the visions she had when she was corrupted, the whole world crashing down on her and everything snarling at her. Her mind was fragmenting, straining under the pressure that not only was she nothing without her demons, just as they had told her, but that the one person that believed in her and loved her as a sister was there seeing this happen. She suddenly stops, laying there almost comatose though if Sunn saw her face he would tell she was still freaking out. Her face was pale and her eyes were fearfully darting all over the place. She had stopped screaming but now she only babbled gibberish.

Asha’s screaming and panicking in turn made Sunn begin to worry heavily as well, to the point where he was almost freaking out. When she tried to slither away from him, he just tried to get to her as well, albeit in a crawl this time. But then she screamed at him, saying she messed up and that saying “No not you” meant something. But Sunn couldn’t ponder on that now, for now he was engulfed in the moment.

He freezes when she screamed, and thought that him going any closer would only cause her to freak out more, he obviously came to her at the wrong time of this freak out. But when she began to just lay still and mouth out gibberish for too long, Sunn couldn’t just stay back. He knew that she wasn’t going to calm down, and that she could even die if under this condition too long. He had to do something, ANYTHING

He crawled over to her and lowered his face mask, revealing his full, distressed face. He looks her over again, seeing if anything is causing this on her. Nothing. He began to panic, his breathing heavy and his eyes watering, almost crying now. And through all of this panic and stress, he had a plan just barely cross his mind to help her. But he had to try and do something, and he was merely going off of instinct. He went in and kissed Asha right on the lips, for any hope that she’ll snap out of her trance

Right after, Sunn acted quickly off of the very next thing that came to mind. To take her to the spring to try and splash her out of the trance, and to just calm her down more when she DOES get out of the trance. Because Sunn wasn’t about to let her die because of this, no matter what. He begins to try and gather her tail up on his arm in a spiral so he could carry her better. He hopes he doesn’t have to do any more though, and he just hoped that Asha would come back to reality

Asha stops babbling and her eyes slowly start to become less panicked. She focuses more on objects near her instead of her thousand yard stare. Once Sunn had brought her to the spring and splashed water on her she had mostly come back to reality but she did not talk. She looked at him cowering and trembling in fear, she was afriad of what he would do but beyond that she had mentally regressed to before her tribe broke apart. She had regressed to before she had learned magic. She was like a little girl afraid of the bad elves that had bullied her tribe for so long. After taking a fair amount of time she finally speaks in a tiny timid voice “I am sorry Mr. Elf i didn’t mean to do anything wrong… p…please don’t hurt me nor my tribe… I beg of you” She was clutching at her chest almost crying.

Sunn did indeed bring her to the spring to calm down now, since the kiss obviously didn’t work. He had taken his clothed off to just his underwear, and Asha to just whatever clothing that he could keep little of on her so he could clean her off but not leave her so nude. If not, he would just leave her nude since he didn’t have time to do anything else. He still had her in his arms the entire time, even when she began to speak. And when she did begin to speak, Sunn froze. He just now immediately had a whole wight lifted from his shoulders, and he was about to smile and hug her so tightly with all of the love he could give.

But then she had to speak the sentence she did. She had to call him “Mr. Elf” instead of “Sunn”. She had to beg for forgiveness instead of saying “Sorry for freaking you out brother” or something like that. She just had to say what she did, and she just had to be the cause of Sunn’s smile fading. He finally turned to face her, slowly, his face full of concern and distress
He could only stutter at first, what she said took him off guard by giant amount
“What did you just say? A-…Asha… i-it’s me. Sunn, your brother. Is something wrong?”
He asks afterward, even though he knew something was wrong. He just had to ask though, he just had to confirm whether she was truly… her or not. Through all of the panic, he wasn’t sure of anything at this point. He just hoped that this was temporary or at the very least some joke. Though he had heavy doubts in his mind

“my brother?” She asks tilting her head sideways. “If you say so Mr Elf. As long as you don’t attack my village. I am even willing to go with you to your elf land if it means my tribe is left alone. Please just promise me nothing will happen to them.” She didn’t really believe him when she said he was her brother. She believed he wanted to sell her to slavery but she was willing to sacrifice herself for her tribe. If Sunn could calm down he would notice her more juvenile mannerisms and speech.

Right away, Sunn knew something was wrong with Asha, without a doubt. She was obviously suffering from Amnesia, and Sunn tried to take advantage of him now calmed down to think on what to do.

“This… is bad. Very very bad… What the fuck has gotten into her? Is this some sort of spell she’s under?.. it has to be! What else would happen? Maybe… Maybe she has some sort of condition that she’s never told me about? That could definitely be the case. That freakout back there was bad, she could be going through amnesia… If that’s the case, I hope to everything on Soteria that it’s not permanent”

He thinks to himself, then thinking of what to say to her. After a while of thinking, and a bit of silence, he goes to try and talk this out with her as calmly as possible. Sighing, he carries her over to a rock wall to rest her on, and so he does, letting her relax. He then spoke up as he put his hand on her shoulder, a very calming and, while serious, gentle and relaxing tone to his voice

“Listen, Asha. I just want to say a couple of things. Firstly, whatever you are thinking of my home or your village, I just want you to know that we’re nowhere near either of them. You were panicking on the floor, having a panic attack and passed out, so I brought you to this spring to wake you up…”
At that moment, Sunn’s pure-green, glowing eyes begin to water, and he begins to cry. Though he hold back as much as he can to speak to Ahsa. He can’t help himself though, he goes to hug her
“Please just know, whatever is going through your head about me going to harm you… Throw them out. Forget them all, because I will not harm you. I am only here to protect you, and take care of you… Please understand that Asha”

Asha nods, the tears seem genuine and she has never seen an elf cry in front of her tribe. She kinda feels bad about making him cry. It seemed as if he might be telling the truth. She reaches out to hug him. “Please Mr… Uh sun elf… I won’t leave your side. I will be a good little girl but please don’t cry anymore. Your gonna make sad as well.” She squeezes him tightly starting to tear up herself. She feels a bond between them but can’t quite place what it is.

Sunn hugged just as tightly back, originally bringing his arms to just wrap around her. But after hearing her speak with the amnesia she had, he couldn’t help himself but to bring his left arm to grab her head and hug her that way. A tighter and more bound hug, one where Sunn feels the most comfortable with her in his arms, as a friend and a sister

“Thank you… Thank you so much Asha…”
Sunn tries to suppress his tears then, since he could tell Asha was crying as he was crying
“…I’m sorry for breaking down like that. I’m just so happy to see you’re ok…”
He then breaks the hug and stares at Asha with as calming, yet serious, of a face he can make, his face still slightly wet from his tears, the streaks being visible as glistens on his skin. He had his hands on her shoulder, his arms extended out flat to keep her in place. His iris-less eyes look her face over, and soon he slowly raises a smile on his otherwise neutral face. Finally, he brings his thumg of his right hand over to wipe away Asha’s tears from both of her eyes
“I’m glad you’re ok, Asha. And let me say here, you don’t need to think of me as some sort of opressor to you. You don’t need to think of yourself as “being a good little girl”, that makes you sound like a slave. I already know you’ll be kind, so there’s no need to think of yourself like that. Alright?”
He finishes off, his tone soft and gentle now, a whisper even if one would prefer to think of it like that

Asha nods, she is crying less and less. “Will do Mr Sunn.” She hugs him tightly again. “so you will be my brother then? I’m confused you act like you know me but I don’t remember you, is that what you mean by amnesia?” She unconsciously wraps her tail snuggly around Sunn.

Sunn was taken back by Asha hugging him again, he wasn’t expecting that of her. Just a moment ago she was begging to be taken away to his home land if it meant her home land were to be protected, but now she was openly hugging him. Whether it was to comfort herself or him, it didn’t matter, either way he was surprised, and from that he hugged her back again, this time just softly to return her comfort. Plus, he couldn’t help but smile warmly at her wrapping her tail around him. He could tell she was becoming comfortable with him, and he was glad he didn’t have to go through with her panicking or feeling scared anymore. Even if it was her suffering amnesia

“Yes Asha, you’re suffering from amnesia. But don’t feel scared… or worried. I am your brother, you have dedicated to be my sister, and you your brother, and from there I have dedicated to take care of you, and for you to do the same. Everything will be fine…”
Sunn goes to pet Asha’s hair as he also begins to rock from side to side with her in his arms
“I will make sure your memories return to you”

Asha looks up to him nodding. “Can I call you big brother Sunn?” She asks her fears going away but not fully. She still acts timidly a farcry of the Asha he knew, it may not be a byproduct of her regressed memories it might still be something else.

“Of course you can Asha, you may call me whatever you like”
Sunn says, lifting Asha up and holding her lightly by the back, making sure to not put on too much pressure on her. He turns around so that he could rest against the wall of the spring, since he had been standing and running all this time to try and get her awake. Once he sits down and relaxes himself he lets the pressure off and now only lightly hugs her
“Sorry Asha, I just really need to relax after everything that happened, you had a panic attack, like I said, and I’ve tired myself out rushing you to the lake and such. But besides me, do you need to rest? I can wash you off here and go get us some food after. I’m sure you must be tired”
Sunn says, still trying to comfort Asha as best as he can. He would think about the situation more later, when Asha was asleep since two things were clear. One, he wouldn’t sleep tonight after what just happened. And two, he was tired right now and didn’t want to think of a solution until her was relaxed and with a calmer mind

She looks at the water “I am kinda tired. Was i doing exercise before this?” Asha adjusts her body around Sunn. “I will go to sleep with you, but you have to promise me you sleep too. You look very tired big brother Sunn.” She explains this as she gets comfortable looking at him with tired eyes but she tries to keep herself awake. The effort is fruitless as she slowly and surely falls asleep.

Sunn just looks at Asha as she stares at the water, still petting her hair and smiling gently at her. He chuckles as she falls asleep, but before she did he responded to her question, this time in a quieter voice than usual since he could hear her slowly falling asleep

“I wish it was merely exercise. You were having a panic attack and passed out, so I brought you here to try and wake you up. You had me so worried Asha, so… so worried. But you’re fine, even if you’re going through amnesia, I’m just glad you’re ok. I’ll make things better for you Asha, and for now… just know you can trust me”

After that he saw Asha fall asleep, and while he would love to fall asleep as well, he didn’t want to drown in his sleep, being in the spring and all. So he took his time there to wash both him and Asha clean, before going back out of the spring to dry off. Time-skipping with Sunn cleaning both of their clothes and setting up a fire for the night, he finally eats something as he goes to cuddle with Asha and falling asleep

The next day Sunn woke up early, with him not needing much sleep to begin with, and got immediately to thinking about what to do. Taking his thoughts from yesterday, he began to think of any possibilities for the situsation
“It’s either a curse or something she’s been put under and I couldn’t stop whoever caused it, or it’s some sort of condition I don’t know about yet. If I were to try and contact Cade and Alrel… I can call them to inform them about this… And maybe ask them to try and figure out how to fix this. If I go and contact Kaito… maybe he can help. Who knows if he has some sort of mind trick to his ability list… but if he does he can cure her right away. I’d… I’d rather not bother Cade and Alrel if there’s a chance Kaito can outright cure her. So maybe that’s best”

After thinking of what he would do with Asha and her amnesia, he would go and set out to find Kaito. But before he left, he left a message on a tree for Asha to read, carving it with his glass magic. The message read out
And if Asha were to wake up at any given time soon, she would be alone, as Sunn’s message stated. There would be leftover firewood for a fire, also as the message said, and makeshift wooden tools that are used in orner to make a fire

Asha wakes up without Sunn, panicking then noticing the note that he left. She felt better but not by much. She didn’t touch anything of the fire just coiling up. She has nothing to do so eventually she starts collecting reeds and other plants, weaving then into baskets and even primitive shields like she used to in her tribe.

With Sunn gone and out looking for Kaito, he just hopes Asha got the note he left. He made it pretty large on the tree and made it stand out from everything else around the campfire, so he put his faith in Asha catching it, and tried to not let the stress of chance get the better of him while he was out searching. Eventually he gets to a certain point in the forest, and he stops when he makes sure no one was around. He calls out
“Kaito! Are you anywhere nearby!?”
He yells across the forest, hoping Kaito could have heard him by some chance. Sunn saw his abilities, so doing this to confirm whether Kaito can just hear from a couple of miles away or not would be helpful for reference in the future.

‘Why the hell are you summoning me Sunn’ kaitos voice said as he appeared behind sunn, he was obviously annoyed at being summoned half way across the forest ‘This better be good’

Sunn wasn’t fazed at all with Kaito showing up behind him, he merely listened to what he had to say before turning around himself, lowering his mask to be able to speak to him more face-to-face in a serious way than if he were to have his mask lifted. Kaito could tell Sunn was serious, a type of serious that shows he is in a more dire situation than usual. One where it’s more than just his problem

“It’s Asha. She’s suffering from heavy amnesia when I found her screaming in some secluded area in the forest yesterday. I have no idea if it’s some sort of condition she has, or if it’s a kind of curse that she has on her. I just found her alone and I settled things with her as best as I could for yesterday, she doesn’t even know who I am, and I doubt the same is for you. I’m asking you to try and help me with her, see what to do from here. Any condition you have for me to suffice I will, just help me”