CitizenShip on the BU station (My question for some plot)

Since every person who first splices into the station gets a PADD, communicator watch, and a room to stay in is then considered a citizen of BU, I have a question for Vin who complicates this

Vin on his planet was ranked as Majordomo of his military, the Emerald Militia, the highest rank of the military. Even when he spliced through, and even though ranks from other planets mean nothing on the station, Vin still considers himself a citizen and majordomo of his home Kingdom, the Neizenanne Kingdom, and the Emerald Militia. And if Vin were to find out that he was considered a normal citizen among everyone else, he would do whatever to get rid of that citizen status and put as a visitor, not intended to be on the station, of the station. Is there anything Vin would have to do to make him no longer seen as a citizen or can he just change the ship’s data to make his status something else and still keep his room, PADD and communicator?

Basically, no.
Due to the nature of splices being a one-way ticket into the Blazing Umbra Universe, it’s simply not possible to be seen as a visitor.
(Visitors do have the option to return to their place of origin. That option is rendered impossible by aforementioned nature of the splices.)

I think I see where you’re going with this. There are some fine lines, which I have not previously defined. For one, no I don’t think everyone gets citizenship within the Serenity Concord, I think they would already have a visitor or “transient” status. That is to say that Solas Tempus / Serenity Concord feel somewhat responsible for them since they are left on a station with nowhere to go. Citizenship infers some different things though, the right to vote, and other civil liberties that most political bodies reserve for citizens. People have to go through a process, “Naturalization” is what it is called in the USA (not sure about elsewhere), and it is a difficult process. The people must learn about history of the country, speak the language at least somewhat, be apprised of their rights as citizens, laws and customs, that kind of thing. I haven’t really codified that though.

To be honest, the communicator can be sort of seen as nefarious in some ways. Solas Tempus, while now being the military of the Serenity Concord, has a heavy surveillance infrastructure and the communicators tie into that. It isn’t that they wholesale copy everything to the “home office”, but they can. Having more of those running around on, shall we say, interesting people is beneficial to the organization.

So from what I’ve gathered, essentially everyone randomly spliced in are considered refugees until they use the rights of citizens (like the communicator) to their advantage

However from what JumpingScript said above your reply, It seems as if everyone is considered a citizen as soon as they splice in. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to do some plot with Vin as soon as someone mentions citizenship

Well, no JS wrong, they are not considered citizens, but they are considered sentients who have rights. In the universe the distinction mostly has to do with who has the right to vote and perform civil duties. Rights and legality are applied equally among all who are classified as sentient beings. Now it doesn’t really have to do with who uses anything, Solas Tempus uses the communicators to their advantage but a person would have to apply to become a full citizen or have it be granted to them.

Ah. Good to know. Guess I’ll keep that in mind.

Honestly, @JumpingScript, I need to write up a page on the site for it. How to become a citizen, what that grants a person, all that sort of thing. This is the first time anyone has brought up the potential differences.