Citizenship... How should we do this?

Alright so the concept of citizenship has been brought up and I’ve had a decently hard time trying to figure out how to make it happen. So I’m thinking that I need to do a basic outline of the process… In the USA, I know it is long and involved but there is a potential loophole for us in game… While America doesn’t do a direct path to citizenship from military service, despite public opinion otherwise, I’m thinking that Solas Tempus will. Or rather the Serenity Concord will offer a path. The question is, what are the requirements?

Hmmm, just so I’m clear (from my post about citizenship a while back), anyone who was randomly spliced into the station is considered a sort of rufegee by default unless they themselves want to become a citizen? So my characters Vin and Cody would fall under this (if I didn’t make any screw-ups) since they’re just there by random splice… Well not a random splice for Cody’s case, but you get the point

Yes they would fall under refugee status for now.

What are the benefits of citizenship? Just the ability to vote?

That is another excellent question. Ability to vote certainly, but in a lot of societies it is supposed to offer other benefits, access to social services for one, and some amount of permanency, it is really hard to take away someone’s citizenship.