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@JumpingScript, what all did you need to know to be able to keep that plot moving forward?

Most likely, I’ll come up with something mid through play, but right now, nothing comes up in my mind, aside that one question we already discussed in vc.

Well, I’m not sure what @icywinterdawn had in mind for the capsule herself. If it were up to me, I’d say that the capsule has something dangerous and other-worldly that it brought back to Earth somehow when it skipped into this time period / universe. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I’d say that the capsule has something dangerous and other-worldly that it brought back to Earth somehow when it skipped into this time period / universe


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Oh, that is awesome. I think we can base a lot on that image alone. So you think it is attached to Nine?

Maybe. Beyond the concept image I posted, I have not much to contribute right now.

I had initially something different in mind by bringing in a new player to do the part of another surviving astronaut. The astronaut would’ve been in the other location Matty and Itzi determined with their rituals. Sadly, that turned out to be a lost cause (the player didn’t show up), meaning my main drive to keep the plot running is gone.

As for the plot that has evolved so far:

For starters, the space capsule was part of a spacecraft called Elsenova. We know it came from the Cold War time period, but otherwise there is nothing else known about her (the Elsenova) - she somehow arrived in the current Angelic Sins setting with her crew (which includes Nine). Eventually pieces of her ended up being scattered on Earth. Two pieces that are known to exist, and didn’t burn up during re-entry, are the space capsule with Nine and two other (very dead) astronauts, and the other pod (in a location in Northern Michigan) that was meant to keep the other living astronaut. There may be other pieces, but I’m not sure if they would add anything. Maybe there is someone else on the world that stumbled upon another piece.

As to what actually happened to the Elsenova, I leave it to one’s imagination. Just treat it like a space version of these mysterious and unxplained air plane or ship disappearance. There are also some other issues I noticed that I don’t feel like addressing either, like the fact that a spacecraft larger than the space capsule probably wouldn’t go entirely unnoticed while it is in orbit or burns up in the atmosphere (but I guess that could be explained by not having entire Elsenova return from wherever it was before. I don’t know).

So, just making sure I understand, this is like having a Saturn V rocket, just like the Apollo missions in real life? And, you’re right, even the capsule would be noticed on NORAD’s tracking system as an object entering the atmosphere. This is how I figured the CIA got notified, well, though convoluted means I suppose. The CIA probably wouldn’t have been pushed out to the site, but rather the US Army or Air Force.

So I’m going to assume this pod that was the other piece was similar to the LEM?

Overall, what keeps spinning in my head is the space craft is pulled into a vortex, wormhole, some kind of space phenomena which is completely accidental, i.e. there is no maliciousness to its existence. In passing through the layers of reality it picks up this other being which is responsible for the killings. I haven’t really thought if this entity is attached to anything, to the space craft, or to the bodies, perhaps even Nine herself.

Now, if the Elsenova broke up on reentry, bits could be spread all over the place, and that brings about the idea that perhaps enough pieces have to be recovered to do some kind of ritual to rid the area of this malevolent entity which has somehow attached itself.

CIA / Moving Forward

Now, for a game-plan, the CIA has the space craft in the warehouse, there should be some reason it has to stay there so we can keep game play restricted to Chicago and surrounding areas. Winter, you said that the pod was in Michigan, we can certainly work with that. Did you intent the occupant to be alive in it? If so, we can see if someone wants to spin up an additional character to put there.

For McKinnon, she’s going to react violently and with quick decisive actions to any potential threats or abnormality. She’s hired mercenaries to guard the capsule in the warehouse.


The more I think about it, the more I want the killings to be centered in Chicago, of course, but also with the center at the warehouse. I’m going to say that, as I told @darktrooper501 and @Navaruk previously, there is a pattern to the killings, but it is complex. So, I’m going to say this entity is trying to open a gateway or portal back to its own hellish and generally nasty dimension of origin (Hell, some alternate reality, whatever). The blood spilled at each location forms another chunk of some massive series of symbols, which are focused on the location of the capsule.

The final end game should be spilling lots of blood at the capsule to open the gateway.

Information / Stopping Things

So, Matt, Trevor, Vlad, Mast, all of them will find that different people are seen in the areas in question, so no one person is to blame. This is one of the reasons why the police haven’t been able to find any real leads on the subject. If they manage to catch one of the killings in progress, they will see this (much like the posted image) dark mist form and go into a person, which transforms them into a demonic looking humanoid creature with huge talons and nasty sharp teeth, the usual stuff of nightmares. In this state, the person in question then proceeds to kill someone on a specific spot, making sure to spill as much blood as possible right there. Once done, the creature leaves and the mist leaves the person, they pass out in some dark alley somewhere to wake up having no idea what happened.

Build Up

There is also definitely a buildup of demonic energy in the city form the killings, as the glyphs and symbols are completed and the larger symbol is formed, the demonic energy will rise. This is going to appeal to the inhuman nature of supernatural creatures, vampires will want to kill more, were-creatures will feel a stronger urge to hunt and spill blood, etc… Also ghosts and other non-corporeal entities that are generally evil or otherwise malevolent will be more drawn into the city to cause general havoc.

I really like the idea of the ghosts and such, so hauntings will intensify, poltergeists, and other such things increase. Similar to what happens in the very first Ghostbusters movie as Zuul gets closer and closer to entering the mortal world, things go more and more ape-shit for the Ghostbusters. I’d like to see a similar buildup here.

Potential for Sexuality

The image provided by @icywinterdawn has a somewhat sexual innuendo to it. So, I would not rule out the concept of succubus / incubus activity if people want to do it. These things would turn evil and try to consume people, the normal stuff of myth and legend in the worst ways. Some nice erotic horror RP might be good for this. Just an option for people.

I’m also not going to rule out that the entity wants a person, some kind of mortal lover to kill at the apex of the blood magic in the middle of sex as part o the ritual.

Trevor will have seen this take place. It seems the way to move this forward is to have him report back and bring that info IC to the others. Mastema could also identify the greater ritual going on and causes of it possibly, and bring that to the table, though I don’t know for sure.

Running up against the CIA as an enemy seems a big concern in this. If Vance could somehow turn that on its head and have the PCs involved be operating for the CIA, it could remove that as an issue. One of them I think already is, so this seems to be an option. JS would know more though.

Another thing we can do if the CIA contract with the PCs is to use that to stage the final scene. Possibly the entity needs to target the PCs that are involved in this Plot to complete its ritual or something along those lines or they just are placed by the CIA somehow in such a way that it ends up being that is the case. Either way, that gives the group something managing it that can set the scene for the finale.

It seems I was mistaken and Joseline was working against the CIA’s interests in this. Still, I do think being contracted to have the PCs be among those mercenaries for the part at the end is at least one way to set things up.

Right so I have an idea thing, that the entity causing the the weird things is an Aztec demon.
"The Tzitzimimeh were also associated with the stars and especially the stars that can be seen around the Sun during a solar eclipse. This was interpreted as the Tzitzimimeh attacking the Sun, this caused the belief that during a solar eclipse, the tzitzimime would descend to the earth and devour human beings."
It would allow me to keep Itzmitzin in the plot, but I do have a bias in this so you can take from this what you will

Yeah, something along these lines. Essentially a spacecraft you would find in a real life scenario if people continued where the Apollo program stopped.

If we go by a novel where in an alternate timeline of Earth they went as far as Titan, I guess chances are high for the landing module to survive reentry in Earth’s atmosphere. Titan has a thick atmosphere, so the landing module would have something to slow down in the atmosphere and such. Or, if it really was something designed for the Moon, I guess they could’ve tried their luck by slowing down their fall with the engine. Seems like a scary and unlikely maneuver.

Other than that, I mean by pod anything that can safely deliver a person to Earth’s surface. Like an emergency pod. But that would only matter if there is another living astronaut. If that’s not the case, said pod could be anything else. Then it can be nuclear blast-proof fridge filled with space beer and the skeleton of an adventurer.

I’m not sure about that anymore. That was a slot meant to be occupied by a player I wanted to invite to the RP.

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