Chronicles of a Labyrinth (Open Ended)

clank, clank, clank. The sound that Plant’s containment suit makes as it walks along the halls of the station. Plant was never good at dealing with boredom since it usually had something to do. Here however there was nothing to do and to prevent itself from going crazy it found itself wandering the halls. It also didn’t help that Plant had never slept a moment of its life. Still it went on walking and walking, waiting until the time that it had set aside for practicing using the force. Still it was dreadfully boring and Plant was hoping that someone or something would keep its mind occupied even if just for a little while.

Leo happened to be strolling the halls, in his off duty clothing, a black suit and tie with a white dress shirt underneath. He had a bright smile on his face, having been enjoying his new body quite a bit. The AI was eating food, enjoying high-fives and sports, he nearly felt like a human. Outside of the fact he was simultaneously connected to the Epoch, Nimbus, Mike, Alicia, his little project for Asmodius, and a few other places.

Plant was unaware and really distracted by how bored it was. Even then it didn’t want to bother Leo with anything as petty as boredom. No plant was going to find something to do on its own. Maybe a wave but that would be it. Plant then waves at Leo.

The instance of Leo in his body sees Plant, and smiles wider. He returns the wave. “Hey buddy, how are you?” Leo turns around to walk alongside his friend.

Plant slows down to allow Leo to catch up to him. His suit vents a bit of hot air. “I am fine, just waiting for the moment”

“Waiting for what?” He asks, tilting his head curiously.

“Mostly waiting for the time i set aside to practice with the force”

“Oh. And you just wander around the whole time while you wait?”

“Yeah mostly, Since i can’t really think of anything to do”

“Huh, that must be boring as all hell.” Leo shrugs a little, scratching his head.

“Yes it is, I am not used to this free time thing that people seem to have here”

“Makes sense, you could try to find things you enjoy.”

“Never had something i really enjoyed or at least never tried to find something that i enjoy”

“Hm, well, I can help you if you want.” Leo smiles, glad to help wherever he can.

“mmh how would i go about finding the things i like to do?”

“Just start with random things, sports, reading, writing?”

“mmh alright, where should i start there are so many options and i do not want to feel overwhelmed”

“Just pick something that sounds like it might be fun.”

“Still there are too many choices and this is something i have never done before”

“Why don’t you try reading?” Leo suggests, finding reading a very entertaining habit.