Chasing Leads - Lilith Act II

As soon as all the information from the last mission of the Lilith had been analyzed and vetted to the best of the abilities of Solas Tempus, it was clear that action had to be taken. The intelligence teams had provided a file to the station’s Chief Intelligence Officer, no other than the bartender Lee Armstrong Finnegan. The Captain actually had a job that called for him to also be a bartender, you find out a lot about things happening on the station when you serve drinks to the people who live there.

Finnegan called personnel to the conference room on the Lilith to discuss the next move.

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One of the first to arrive would be Duke, sighting less than standard uniform, but all the while more suited to his needs. Or st least that’s his excuse. Not shortly after, Crevis Sanguine enters professionally in his tailored engineering uniform. He was working on his PADD as he walked in, head down concentrating heavily on his work

The next person to arrive is the Commanding Officer of the Lilith, Captain Neo Akazuli.
The elderly man (actually he’s in his mid-50s), does not bear any sort of digression for his view and lets his view wander through the room.
A friendly smile appears on his scarred face, and he gives off a well-audible greeting before he goes to seat himself.

Ok, so up-front, the name of the place you were all going was going to be Rasalgethi, which is the name of a star, 64 Herculis, but as it turns out, that is too far away from the Schatten system to really make use of without a long time in a ship. Since Wolframalpha was kind enough to calculate distances between stars, the first being 958 lightyears – which would take like, 15 weeks to get to at maximum Fold. As such, we’re going to play a little retcon, we’re going to say it is the planet Rasalgethi, in the star system of Salah.

As everyone enters Finny is at the head of the conference table. He nods to everyone, looking to Neo, "Captain, it is good to see you again, I do wish it was under better circumstances. He nodded to the others that entered - presumably Neo had his command crew there as well as Duke and Crevis Sanguine.

Since Mike’s player, buckethead, did not sign up his character, I’ll have him be excused by Neo.

“When were the circumstances better the last time?”
Neo asked half joking, half grim.
He came without the majority of his command crew, only the 3rd in Command was there, a young Lt. Commander called Jared Asker. His XO, Mike, presumably was busy with his duties as the XO of Nimbus Station.

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The briefing wasn’t a long one… Finny was short and to the point, not his usual loquacious self as he was in the bar… “After doing a lot of research and gathering intel, we have detected a planet that is referred to in a single database as Rasalgethi orbiting the star Salah, it isn’t a widely known planet, the 4th planet in the system. It sits only a scant 57 light years from here but is quite distant from most of Federation and Solas Tempus space, no record of anyone visiting the planet with a manned vessel has been found yet there are regular energy spikes along the high energy subspace bands in the system which could indicate ships moving back and forth and leaving a warp-trail as they exist the system.”

He pulls up a schematic of the system, 10 planets, 2 asteroid belts, it a double-star as well. “Navigation is hazardous, though it is likely rich in minerals and other valuable materials, it is just too far out for most companies to make use of it.”

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Neo acknowledges the Intel with a short nod.

“Since the station on Rasagethi might be responsible for the production of the missiles, is there any information about decrease of the resources?”

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