Chasing a Runner - Brainstorming

Lance Thomas returns to Chicago chasing a runner from his base, Ad Undas outside Los Angeles. There he run afoul of some Vampires who thought he would be an easy mark. Lance must discover why the Vampires wanted to kill him and if it has anything to do with his AWOL agent.

Any thoughts?

Maybe the group of vampires is an outcrop faction, looking to start a war / boot out the current Head Vampire, and they figured attacking him would make it happen. It also could be that the AWOL agent is in contact with certain groups of interest in Chicago, which is why he ran there, and hiding with his allies, which allies could have the aforementioned goal or a different goal but one that the AWOL agent supports.

This kind of thing could lead to an additional reason why Victoria Romana would want this man, so she could uncover a faction that’s trying to cause trouble for her and her city.

That’s not a bad idea and it would let you do more with Romana, could also end up involving other characters too. Might be able to even pull in your Live Well Academy there. Also provides a place for some villains too. I think that’s a great idea.

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