Character Posting Etiquette

I continue to request that character bios get posted first to the forum, if it is possible. Now, some people are not going to want to join the forum to post a character, even if they do not wish to do this, I would request that a Staff or someone post the character bio with a reference to who is requesting the character (so we can find them), and thus we can find it in the stream of text from Discord. Since the forum has superb mobile and desktop interfaces, it is free and easy to sign up, I don’t see a big problem with asking people to dot his.


  • I would like a record of who approves characters for play.

Not because I don’t trust my Staff but I like to be able to see what kind of characters some people approve. In addition, it provides a method to see any discussions for the character’s approval on the record, this helps both players and staff to have a record for clarity. While Discord has an excellent search feature, it has proven difficult to find when a character was originally approved and by whom.

  • It makes it easier to add to the wiki.

We don’t always have time to put characters in the wiki. A lot of discussion comes up to asking people to repost characters and find images again. While Google Docs can work well for this, I would prefer to have the record here on the forum so that the discussion that went with it can be referenced for creation of the wiki page for the character.


Characters should be posted to #phoenix-nebula:character, links to the post will automatically to the Discord channel as well.