Character Notes for Frederick Chalker


Frederick hates his given name, both parts of it, and almost entirely goes by his pseudonym, Shark. He got the name when he was young, never happy with who or where he was / what he was doing. Instead, he always had to be moving, always a new project and always a new angle.

Frederick grew up rich from a powerful family in the Rigel system, the Chalkers are well known for not only their business acumen but their philanthropic works. The family is well respected throughout Federation space. Somewhere in their past they have some questionable connections, dating back to the first humans to colonize the star system back in the late 22nd century. During the Dominion War the Chalker family was one of the principle groups to trade and barter with non-Federation worlds for resources during the war, needed to keep the war operations going.

His family had high hope for him, an extraordinarily intelligent child he was rarely in trouble. However, there were quiet complaints from the other parents. Before too much longer the family had begun an active effort to limit his contact with others while at the same time seeking to get treatment for the young man who was diagnosed with sociopathy. They began with treatments focusing on behavioral modification therapy, teaching the young man to curb his darker impulses and understand the expectations of others.

However, there was a problem, he used his very high IQ and complete lack of empathy toward others to spend his sessions learning about his female psychiatrist while she learned about him. Once he had learned enough about her, he put it to use and slowly shifted the relationship to a closer one, eventually seducing the woman into sleeping with him. While it only happened once, it would have been enough to ruin her entire career. Frederick gave her a choice, she would give him a clean bill of health and recommend his parents allow him to travel the galaxy for a long while and he would agree to make sure her singular transgression never came to light.