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So rather than the usual image to do whatever with, I’d like to provide this image here and suggest that people write a short paragraph or two about who this person is from what they see. There is no setting or other parameters just, this face, and what do you think the person that has that face is like, who are they, what are they doing, what kind of personality do they have?

The first thing that strikes is the eyes; well formed, proportionate, reading doubt or maybe concern in this instance. The eyebrows are developed and one can postulate from that and the texture and amount of hair that while perhaps not a hirsute inclined fellow, this is a man. However, the clean shaven face and more importantly apparent lack of chest hair implies he is not far along…so we could estimate late teens to mid twenties. This is enhanced by the styling of the hair, which tells us that looks hold sway. Styled hair, shaven, nails look possibly manicured or self-maintained. Fair skin except for the face, still fair but with freckles. Dental work looks needed although in a minor way.

I would say this is someone who takes care in their appearance, either for acceptance or to stand out. Definitely not a loner, but perhaps not so much a socialite. The current look could be introspection, perhaps someone who has been raised to rely on their looks but now is reconsidering whether that is the important part of their life?

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