Changes to the Forum / New Ways to Post

Email Posting

So, we’ve got some new stuff here on the forum. First off, the forum now supports both replies via email and posting via email. All forums will allow replies via email, but select forums will also allow new topics to be posted via email. Emails for notification of topic replies can just be replied to via the email client like any other email, and the emails will then be posted to the system. New postings need to come from the email address associated with your account. If they do not come from that email address or there are other posting issues (email too short, topic too short) the topic will not be posted, but the system doesn’t bounce them back at you though.

Posting Email Addresses

These are, I believe, self explanatory, except that bu is Blazing Umbra, as is Angelic Sins, and eos is Embers of Soteria.

In Character Posting Addresses

Out of Character Posting Addresses

A complete list will always be available here.

Automatic Housekeeping

Additionally, the system will now set topics to auto-expire after 6 months of inactivity, that is 6 months after the last reply posted to the topic for the most part. This, I hope, will help to keep the forum cleaner and let people know where active topics are. In the case of #rants (which was just recently added) and #writers-room, the expiry time will be different. The #rants area will expire after only 30 days and the #writers-room will expire after a year.

Login Options

As a previous post mentioned, we also now have the ability to log in via Google and Facebook, existing users should be careful that the email address which will be provided to the forum matches their existing account, although I have not personally tested this, so if someone tries it and it creates an entirely new account, let me know and we’ll get it fixed as best we can.