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Elizabeth quietly ate her ham sandwich.

Yes, she was an Android, but in an attempt to make them more human (in her Universe anyways), they had decided to make the power supply of Androids reliant on food to recharge; Granted, if they were to shut down unnecessary functions, like displaying emotions, feeling pain, and etc. the battery life could be extended up to a full week, a month at most if everything else except movement and decision making is shut down.

So yes, she was currently eating ham sandwich, the flavor was similar to what she used to eat back at home, which made her homesick; Honestly though, the last thing that she wanted to get involved in was the War brewing at home, with the Nurdiv regime being brought down 20 years ago, there was a call for disarmament to focus on finding other alien species.

Imagine the reaction of the populace when it turned out that they were, in fact, all alone. Along with the news that the star systems they held was the last few star systems in the entire Universe; It had been a long time since it was theorized that the Universe was dying, some 2 centuries or so, upon the discovery of the lack of gravitational disturbances, the sudden disappearances of stars, and wormhole disturbances becoming more and more frequent, had caused panic.

And just when the Universe was dying, the next war was already brewing.

The Eralians, a race of somewhat insane but ridiculously smart humanoids, had prepared for war when the news reached them; Within the next few months after the announcement and confirmation that their Universe was dying, planets suddenly disappeared, destroyed by a powerful weapon; Soon, nations started blaming each other for the attacks, most falsifying evidence to rouse support from their own people.

When Elizabeth was “spliced” in, she had received a report just before she warped:

“The Gates of Hell has been opened.”

The Android could simply look down, staring at the coffee she had in her other hand, a small drop of water slipped from her eyes, and fell down, landing on her thigh. Setting down the mug, she wiped the tears away; Knowing that she had no longer had a place to call ‘home’…

Eating her ham sandwich in one bite, she proceeded to down the entire mug of coffee in one go, a single gulp was all it took.

Standing up, she cleaned herself, wiping away any tears that had formed and had (fortunately) not fallen; She was actually outside, on one of the areas of the Station that had an open air view, the bright rays of the system’s star made the ocean glitter with light, the bright blue sky with the few clouds lazily letting the wind move them.

A simple internal command and the sight was saved into Elizabeth’s memory banks.

Leaning on the railing, Elizabeth stared at the horizon, deep in thought.

None of this was in anyone’s mind who were around her in yet another example of how a single person can be all alone in a group of people. The station had so many people that someone would have been able to identify somehow with how Elizabeth felt just on sheer numbers alone. Still, the open air seating of one of the many small cafe’s on the station was sparsely populated at this point in the day. A waitress came by to refill Elizabeth’s coffee wordlessly, assuming she accepted the refill, but otherwise left her alone.

Soon after, the woman she’d met earlier showed up, Siv. The android leaned against the railing looking out in silence for a moment before she turned to Elizabeth, “Spectacular, isn’t it?”


The reply was simple, yet, it sounded like there was some homesickness mixed in there; “It’s been what? 13 years? Since I last set foot on a planet like this.” The Android from a Foreign Land spoke.

“I can still remember those days…”

Sometime 13 years ago…

The sound of ocean waves gently lapping on the sandy shores of the beach filled Elizabeth’s ears, the calm winds and clear skies, the weather was what some could only call as ‘Clear’; The Android, wearing a white bikini under a sundress complemented by a sun hat, was currently on Vacation.

By ‘vacation’, it was taking care of two of her co-workers’ kids while they were away. Accompanying her was a man, standing at about 5’4, his white skin, pale blue eyes, and dark brown hair was quite an eye catching sight.

“Yo.” The man spoke, handing her an ice cream.

Vanilla, her least favorite.

Taking the cup from his hands, Elizabeth merely shook her head. He was oblivious, and just sat down next to her.

“Ya think we’d be able to get this kind of vacation again?”


The short exchange was followed by the two -Android and Human- staring at the two toddlers playing in the sand.

“Kind of nostalgic really, my home planet -well, technically my home planet- was like this, well, was like this.” She added, turning around and leaning backwards on the railing. “Damned government flooded the planet with space stations, so naturally, most of us had to leave because the sky was falling.”

She chuckled.

“Next thing we knew, the entire thing was uninhabitable.” Elizabeth added, standing straight.

Taking a sip from her coffee, she continued, coffee in hand; “Idiot forced me to leave the planet, first, he was alive and well, next, his corpse was found under a piece of debris.”

“I loved him too.” Elizabeth added inside her head, being careful not to say it out loud.

Siv was confused, at least a bit, “I’m not sure I understand what you mean by, flooded a planet with space stations?” she looks at Elizabeth wondering if that was a queer turn of phrase for her world, but then as she spoke she nodded, “I would like to say I can’t imagine a government doing that, but sadly I can. How did you survive?”

“When I said ‘flooding the planet with space stations’, I wasn’t talking figuratively.” Elizabeth clarified.

“The local government thought it was a good idea to try and turn the planet into a Trade hub between planets; So what they did was remove station restrictions.”

She took a sip.

“What happened next was the most fantasitcally terrifying fireworks in space. There were so many stations that daytime practically became night, it became impossible to safely launch from the surface, so most us were stuck down there.” The Android continued, making sure to empty her coffee.

"So, obviously, synchronization between stations were necessary, it was all fine and dandy until one suffered a glitch in its AI.

“It lost sync, and collided with another station, then another, then another.”

Some years ago…

Elizabeth stood atop a hill, overlooking the capital city of Faargut; The murky orange sky glowed as station debris fell, sky scrapers fell as they were hit by flaming balls of metal, with her eyes, Elizabeth could distinguish people, innocents, running for their lives as the sky fell.

A large piece of station debris emerged from the sky, pieces chipping off and forming their own tiny fireballs; The debris landing just several kilometers away from where she stood.

The flash of light temporarily blinded her, when her eyes refocused, a mushroom cloud was present where the debris landed, followed by a wall of dark brown clouds heading towards her direction. As the wall hit her, she was sent backwards by the wind, her tattered and burnt jacket fluttering at the high winds, visibility was almost zero, and tiny embers bounced off her skin…

Elizabeth sighed, remembering the aftermath.

“Total death toll after that was estimated to be 8.93 billion dead, of the 300 ship captains that volunteered to get evacuees out of the planet, only 3 survived.” The Android added, looking down at her now empty mug.

She contemplated on something, a memory during the evacuation…

Evacuation Day, years ago…

“Hey, you coming?” Elizabeth asked, a bag slung over on her shoulder, slung on her other shoulder was her rifle, she looked like she was about to go to war, wearing a protective vest and all other necessary gear.

The man she was talking to was tying his shoes, following the final knot, he picked up his rifle, already wearing his bag; He was dressed like her, the difference was he had his holster on his abdomen instead of his hips.

The man nodded, and the pair walked out into the wrecked world…

“It was a long time ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday…”

Elizabeth trailed off, staring at her empty mug, wrapping both of her hands around the ceramic container. It was pretty obvious there was something affecting her, her behavior was like that of a soldier being forced to leave a comrade behind.

“…why me…” she whispered to herself, it was inaudible, but anyone with sharp enough hearing would pick it up.

Evacuation Day, 2030

0836 Hours

Port 06F, CS Fulter

5 Minutes to departure

“Hey Ivan, get on board.” Elizabeth shouted at her partner, who was helping the last evacuee on board.

“Yeah, yeah.” The man replied, checking the outside for anymore evacuees, the strong winds generated by the shockwaves of large debris hitting the ground was always present.

Elizabeth looked away for a second, glancing around at the other survivors, before looking back at the open cargo bay doors; She was expecting her partner to be present, but what she got was the empty blow of wind.

Using her comms, she tuned in to Ivan’s frequency; “Oi, where are you?” She asked, a simple question.

“Be there in a minute.” Was her only reply, there were strong winds blowing in the background, so she instinctively looked outside.

There was Ivan, carrying a pregnant woman towards the ship, sighing, Elizabeth relaxed, knowing that he was safe.

Or at least, for a few seconds.

A loud crash and a billow of smoke, Elizabeth was nearly thrown outside of the spacecraft, the captain stabilized the ship, making sure to not hit the ship right next to them. Elizabeth fared better, using her hands to try to blow away the smoke.

When the smoke cleared, she was greeted by a sight she didn’t want to see.

The docking platform was damaged, and it looked like it was going to give away.

The captain also knew it.

“This is your captain speaking, the winds are picking up and the longer we stay, the shorter our launch window is open.” Elizabeth paled, stretched out her hand for the woman to grab.

“This is your captain speaking, our time is up, we’re launching in T- 5 seconds.”


Elizabeth reached out further, the docking platform shook as the magnetic fasteners securing the ship detached one by one.


Ivan let go of the woman and ran back towards the control panel on the other side, away from the ship, to speed up the launch sequence.


Elizabeth grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled her in, she shouted back at Ivan, who had his hand on a lever.


Elizabeth shouted, and was about to jump out when…


The explosive bolts connecting the magnets to the ship went off, detaching the magnets from the platform.

“Lift off.”

The cargo ship flew higher and higher in the air, while Elizabeth stared at the figure of Ivan standing on the docking platform. Staring at her.

Tears slowly made their way down her face as she watched Ivan watch them fly away…

A single tear made its way down Elizabeth’s face and dripped onto her clothing, all the while, she kept staring at her mug.

Wiping the next tear away, Elizabeth looked back up at Siv, and spoke.

“I boarded a ship and flew away.” The Android answered, smiling.

Sighing, she asked: “How about you? Why are you here?” Evidently curious about who Siv was.

Siv listened for the android to complete her story, the arrogance of trying to do what she was describing was just, unbelievable… “Even our largest trade hubs are not that careless and reckless.” she answers with a soft voice, “It must have been horrible to live through, so many dead it’s hard to imagine. Was anyone at all left or…?” she trails off knowing the answer is probably yes, people got left behind. Siv noted the behavior but it wasn’t her place to pry into what the woman was feeling unless she offered a way in to the memories and feelings she had, Siv wasn’t going to pry.

When asked about why she was here she said, “I used to be an AI, no body. I find it nice to feel the breeze and look out at the ocean rather than, process sensor data that tells me there is a breeze there and shows me the scope of the ocean, it’s the same – or rather more – information to know all the details of weather and ocean currents but it doesn’t feel the same.”

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Elizabeth chuckled, the difference between the two was phenomenal: She was a weapon of war, and Siv wanted to be human. Something Elizabeth brought along with her -or at least, as ‘Human’ as she could possibly be- as she was being built.

Sighing, the Android leaned back on her chair, and gulped down the contents of her entire mug in a single go. Setting the mug down on the table, Elizabeth finally made up her mind.

She was a weapon of war, she had skills some don’t have, might as well put them to good use.

Looking at the horizon, the Android took a deep breath, and non-chalantly said:

“Is there something I could do?” She paused and looked back at Siv; “I’ve been thinking about it for the past few weeks and I was wondering if an old war android like me can do anything useful.”

“Here’s to hoping I could do something with my time here.” The Android thought to herself, mentally crossing her fingers.

“We all have a need to be useful.” Siv says simply, “The question isn’t about what you can do so much as, what you want to do? The universe is a big place, surely there is a place for you in it.”

“What I want to do…”

Elizabeth looked around for a second, trying to figure out something.

She had a ship suitable for reconnaisance, she had the skills suitable for both frontline and recon work.

At the same time, she wanted to keep flying around planets, discovering and marking landmarks. She wanted to be able to walk around and do her own thing.

And also shoot something with her gun.

“I don’t know…something that gives me enough freedom I guess, maybe Recon?” Elizabeth replied, still unsure of what she actually wants.

“I’m sure that recon won’t be a problem, provided that you pass the qualifications of course.” Siv pauses a moment, “You ever do anything non-military related?” She smiled at the other android, wondering what her life was life before she came here and what other cultures treated their kind like.

Elizabeth chuckled.

“The only other thing I did that wasn’t military was ferrying cargo and passengers from station to station.” She replied, remembering the shenanigans her passengers would get into. Some were pleasant, some weren’t.

“I’m sure we can find a place for a skilled pilot. You prefer to work alone?” Siv asked quietly.


Elizabeth answered, a mix of excitement and professionalism present in her voice. She liked working alone, she didn’t need to spend hours listening to someone give directions.

Siv nods, “Well, I will see what I can do, tomorrow, I’ll contact you in the morning with a time and place to go through the paces and prove your qualified, that sound good?”

We will do that off-screen unless you actively want to do it otherwise.

Nodding, Elizabeth excitedly grabbed and shook Siv’s hand, a smile on her face like she was a little girl again.

Off Screen, I might fuck it up if we do it on screen

Siv smiled back, though one might reasonably wonder was an Android ever a little girl? Siv herself was just happy that Elizabeth wanted to be of use and perhaps after a while she might enjoy the rights and such here, perhaps she might enjoy many things.

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A few days went by… Elisabeth was taken in for evaluation, the results were good she was indeed qualified for a variety of military duties, though the psyc profile for her left some concerns, since she hadn’t been a problem on the base so far Siv and Admiral D’Amico discussed the matter and decided to offer her a freelancing contract as primarily a scout doing recon and the like. Siv met Elizabeth in the woman’s quarters, ringing the doorbell Siv waits for an answer before going in.