Chancing into Chaos (Open Ended / Jason Talbard & Scarlet Aquinn)


At the Centennial Fountain in Chicago a blue Jeep pulls up, it is a nice and well kept custom Jeep. It pulls up and a man gets out, he seems to be looking for someone, pacing around the fountain area several time looking carefully at his surroundings. The way he moves his head and eyes to look at the world around him, it is obvious that he is skilled at taking in his environment. He passes by a woman kneeling by a fountain, she’s clutching the pendant around her neck tightly - the way many did for prayer.

It takes the man a while to realize his reason for stopping there isn’t actually around anywhere. He sighs and frowns, walking and stopping behind the woman, Scarlet Aquinn, though he has no idea of what her name is. He stops and acts like he’s about to ask her something but instead he seems to sense the kind of deep desperate sadness she’s in and instead he kneels down near her, “I’m sorry miss… I don’t mean to intrude on you but, you seem so incredibly sad, I would like to help, even if it is just an ear to listen to or a ride somewhere, I would do either and many other things for someone in such need.”


Centennial Fountain

Scarlet was praying to Fran, the goddess who was worshipped in the underworld. While she wasn’t full on crazy about them, she’d met them countless times, and Fran had helped her in her studies of witchcraft. Scarlet wore an interesting outfit, that he’d seen a few people around the city wear before, but not often at all. She wore a white circle skirt, that had straps across it, along with a navy blue crop jacket. Her pendant was glowing a bit of a blue-ish color. Her skirt was layed out as she sat there, feet in the water. She heard someone arrive nearby, but sensed he wasn’t too much of a threat. She senses out what he’s doing, and is a tad confused. She ignores him, though. And goes back to sending report’s of the world, and what was going on to Fran, who she could feel had recieved them, and was worried.

She heard him kneel down, and talk to her, and she opened her eyes, a lovely blue color shining. “Huh? Oh, your not intruding.” She spoke, letting go of her pendant, as it gracefully falls back into place at her neck. “Thank you very much for your kind offer, but i’m not in need of help.” She smiled. It was a smile that held happiness, but a tad of sadness. Perhaps some sort of feeling of loss struck across those who saw the smile.

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This response did confuse him a good amount of course, if he had heard her crying but had ignored it, still arguing with her would be a horribly bad idea if she was indeed in the state of thingz she was in. So instead of confronting her with what he had heard and seen, he just asks, “Do you mind if I down with you ?”

He shifts and moves to sit right next to her.

She shook her head, “I don’t mind.” She smiled. “What are you doing out here? It’s very late at night.”

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“I am a night owl.” he says quietly taking a seat with her, “I like the night better than the day, the sunlight chases off so many things, things that can be nice to see.”

She watches the water of the fountain very gently flow down into the water. It was calming at that… “I agree.” She smiled gently to him, “There are many thing’s that go bump in the night.”

He smiles, “Yes, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be.” he looks at her, “What about you, it’s late, and there are things that go bump in the night after all.”

She chuckled, “let’s just say i’m trying to talk to an old friend through a cell device, but she lives on the other side of the world, so I have to wait til night to contact her.”

He smiles, “A cell device?” he looks at her for a moment, “You are not from here are you?” he seems genuine in his curiosity about her, but not in a pervy or pushing way – just… Actually listening, which could potentially be difficult to spot since it so odd to have someone actually listen to a person.

“You’ve guessed my secret.” She wink’s. “I’m from Belfast. You?” She asked, she seemed to be a very quiet and respectful young woman.

“I’m from everywhere really, but mostly from the west coast, San Francisco to be exact.” he smiles at her, “So I guess we are both far from home, right?”

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