Chamber Of time (BU Event)

I’ve had this idea of an event I want to do, I have an old villain I haven’t used in a very long time and would love to play them out.

Basically, this Villain Moreover named ‘Misako’ has the ability to control magnetic shields, and moreover electricity. She unfortunately was made for a modern magic setting, but I want to do this in BU, so with the help of liz, I decided this.

She’ll be cursed, something is keeping her powers from their full potential, so while she could hold up an extremely long battle with someone such as john or drem, Someone like lance or Apollyon could take them down within 10-20 minutes due to this curse. She has Three subject’s, ‘The Three Insurgent’s.’ Who took a very large debt after she saved them from different fate’s they would’ve taken, if not for her saving them. As much as one would like to take her down, and take the leadership, They have such a massive debt to owe to her, And with her still just barely overpowering them, she was too dangerous to try and take down.

The idea is that the station, and all ships nearby suddenly loose main power, and go into external. Once the situation is cleared, and they are mostly safe, They find the cause of this is a large ship, with no code, No hull number, No nothing. this ship crashes into the soteria land, and an investigation team is sent to investigate. Apon their arrival, all communication devices turn off, and any sort of machine or the like cannot track them (Meaning they can’t be beamed out, I’m tired give me a break) and so, they try to find the cause, only to be split up into three groups, trying to fight these people off. Once they finish and regroup, They’ll take on Misako. I’m not sure how i’m gonna plan it out, i’ll add more on this tomorrow.

Peace out.


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