Categorizing Characters in the Wiki

It is very important when adding a character to the Wiki, that they get categorized correctly. This allows people (including staff) to find a character without knowing what the characters name is. We have a few new changes to how we do this…

Setting Categories

Each setting has a category now.

Blazing Umbra Characters
Angelic Sins Characters
Embers of Soteria Characters

It is obvious that most of the time we’ll be dealing with the first one. Each new character should have the following appended to the bottom:

[[Category:Blazing Umbra Characters]]

This is instead of specifying Starfleet or Solas Tempus for organizations the character is apart of. Since our Character Box template has a space for that already.

Multiple Characters

For users that have 4 or more characters active, across any setting, they will go into their own sub-category under People. So, if @Left4Cake adds a character to his list, the following would be the categories on that character:

[[Category:Played by Left4Cake]]
[[Category:Blazing Umbra Characters]]

This allows anyone to look and see who Cake player in the game easily, including Cake.

If someone adds a character and that puts them up to 4 or more characters, please go through their other characters and re-categorize them to all show up in the proper categories.

What about other settings?

If you’re adding a character for something other than Blazing Umbra, replace “Blazing Umbar” with either “Angelic Sins” or “Embers of Soteria”.

What if I don’t know?

Well if you’re not sure how to categorize an entry, leave it without a category at all, but let the Staff know. The reason we’d leave it with no categories, is the Wiki has a function to find all pages without categories; thus it will make it easier to catch stray pages.