Cataclysmic Eruption at Rose Palace

Originally published at: Cataclysmic Eruption at Rose Palace – Molten Aether News

While the exact reasons for this are unknown, the Rose Palace has been engulfed in fire and molten rock as the mountains surrounding it has erupted, casting fire into the skies and burning rock down the slopes of the mountain. At the end of this last evening, the palace itself has been entirely enveloped in brimstone and molten lava. It is unknown if anyone escaped, but wizards have been trying to contact the Palace via the Airgid Drochaid though they fear that the palace has been destroyed or the stone shattered as no connection has been possible. Knights from the 10 Kingdoms have been dispatched to the Rose Palace in accordance with the Peace of Ages, they should arrive in a matter of days.

In the nearby towns on the night of the eruptions, many townsfolk described the heavens opening up and the Gods shooting blue lightening down from clear skies into the mountains. Though no one closer than 200 miles away has come forward, though many advisors and monarchs have dispatched people to gather information and see how bad the damage is. The Rose Palace were the keepers of the Peace of Ages and without them it is feared the great war which tore apart the world may begin anew, and restore Elder Soteria to the smoldering ruins from before the Ageless Ones came.

Members of the Souls Templar who were on assignment have been released from their charges by the monarchs they reside in, and are set to gather in the mountains at the Ruins of Wulfre Keep, not far from the Rose Palace itself, though given the old ruins location in the mountains, it may not be possible to meet there. If this is the case, it has been said that they will meet at the town of Rawold.

If the Souls Templar and the Rose Palace have been gutted, all the realms may be in dire trouble and the Peace of Ages is likely to be broken. After that, all out war is likely to follow.