Carrot, The Floran troublemaker

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{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier#7327
|name= Carrot
|fullname= Carrot
|race= Floran
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= insertRedFlowerClipartHere
|height= 3'
|weight= 80lbs
|haircolor= dark blue leaves
|eyecolor= sapphire blue eyes
|age= 16 Summers Old
|birthplace= Thanatos Basin III
|universe= Starbound
|occ= Sprout / Child / Undetermined occupation
|figure= girlish frame. humanoid plant like appearance. has a blue-green skin with slightly darker pigments on the joints.
|setting= Blazing Umbra

Carrot Loves weapons, biting and stabbing. a bit of a wild child she’s more wild than most Florans or other sentient races. Carrot is very likely to steal anything she believes is a weapon and refuse to give it up even when caught. often Carrot refers to herself in the third-person, and only refers to other Florans as their given names, all other races are referred to an it for her. She doesn’t like being pruned, or at least the process of being pruned, but afterwards she can enjoy the results. Carrot has a purple snake pet with green leaves she named Kala, who she loves and adores. Carrot also enjoys exploring the unknown, she sometimes pretends to be fearless, but she’s afraid of the dark, being alone, and strangers.

== Special Abilities ==
Thorny Skin - She can stiffen her hair and the leafy parts of her skin to poke out into sharp thorns as a defense mechanism, should she roll into a ball, she basically becomes a ball of thorns. In her case… she uses it to hold onto any weapons in her hands to prevent anyone from taking them away.

== Special Skills ==

== Special Equipment ==
stone dagger
steel shock sword

purple snake named Kala

== Background ==

Born on Thanatos Basin III Carrot was always blueish skinned, which she thought was exciting, she, like other Florans loved weapons, hunting and stabbing. in addition Carrot loves biting things. When visitors entered the village Carrot would aproach them, looking cute, only to chomp down on their hand when it got close. Carrot also found that some visitors had weapons that she’d never seen before, out of curiosity she took them when the visitors weren’t looking. That happened a few times before the greenfinger and others let on and proceeded to try to keep her at a distance from visitors.

Through much of Carrot’s life, there was boredom. A lot of that boredom would be consumed by exploring the world beyond the village, which sometimes got her into trouble, and was dangerous.

Carrot was an oddball, and got in trouble a lot with the Greenfinger, Yet she was not outcasted, but taught, and while there wasn’t a lot of understanding of why she acted out, Carrot was proven to be smart, and has learned a lot through her explorations, and was given some activities to stimulate her mind, exploring and even little hunts. She started becoming skilled in her little hunts, sneaking and making the kill. One time she was in the village when they received a Floran visitor, this visitor was a powerful warrior, and had Carrot awe inspired, she wanted to be like that floran, in her awe, she forgot and she stole a sword from their estemed guest and her hero. However rather than be angry about it, Carrot’s hero gave her the sword as a gift, which inspired her even more!

Carrot still had her habbits, but grew greater skill as she learned. During a hunt where she was alone catching a little animal with the help of her pet snake, a portal opened and she found herself alone in a strange new world.

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I could only find one image to represent Carrot, this is what she’d look like as an adult along with her snake pet Kala :

Is this character only 10 years old?

yes, that was the idea, I can adjust it a little, but ya it is supposed to be a child at the moment.

Character creation rules, #2, specifies that all characters must be over the age of 16.

“Players wishing to submit characters under the age of 16 must have an exceeding good reason for the characters age.”

What is your reason for wanting to play a child character?

I was thinking it would be interesting to use, since the character would be at an innocent enough stage to where it would be more clear that they didn’t know any better and it would be understandable for the habbits of biting and stabbing things.

I also thought that the char min age was 10 or something, that was my mistake.

I’m not saying no, I’m discussing this with staff.

Could you explain more about why you want to play 10 year old that wants to stab / bite things? I don’t recall this being a trait when I was 10, but then perhaps you’re going for a specific character arc?

I am kind of going with a specific character Arc, she’s a Floran like from starbound, and many florans are rather chaotic, they enjoy hunting, stabbing and the like, the biting, kind of came with the idea of trying to give her unique personality traits, that would fall in line with the Floran race’s general description. She’s kind of designed to be a bit of a troublemaker.

Discussing this with the other staff, we have some concerns. The character sounds feral from how you’ve described them. There is also the fact that no one would allow a spliced in or otherwise unaccompanied minor to just wander around the station. This means the character would need someone willing to play their legal guardian, but the fact that they engage in antisocial behavior like stabbing and biting things on a regular basis means that the Solas Tempus version of CPS may have the child institutionalized or put on some kind of special group home. One of the reasons we have the character age limit. How would you plan to address these issues?

Well, right off the bat I can tweak the personality a bit so it’s not as feral, but still has a wild child kind of feel to it. as for needing a legal guardian, I can’t really think of anything at the moment, the character was designed to interact more with Aiana than other characters. For age, I think I can adjust the age up, to be around that age limit, which would go with additional personality changes and fleshing the char out a bit more.

I would be happy to approve the character, even being more feral, if they were 16. I think that could also add a dimension of her being old enough to legally be on her own which is it’s own challenge. What do you think?

that sounds reasonable

Belated approval…