Cargo Container Antagonist Notes


  • What does it want?
    To establish a cult and gather followers for its demon master.
  • Who does it serve?
    A patron demon owns its soul and gives it power to do its bidding in the world.
  • How far is it willing to go?
    Does not wish to kill, prefers to control. Will kill if it has to but would prefer to expand its own power and control over people via coercion, magic, and forced loyalty. It is also not above enchantment.
  • Why does it do what it does?
    Lust for power & control over others.
  • Does it understand the implications of what it is doing?
    Yes but not as wrong, it does not believe people or the lives of people have intrinsic value but rather sees others are chattel for its own uses and goals in life.


They are charismatic and an intelligent problem solver / creative thinker. Very goal oriented in all things. Though they lack Empathy they can easily pretend and make others believe they have empathy and truly understand the feelings of others. While most of the time they can control their impulses for violence and to dominate the lives of others, they are a narcissist and sometimes exhibit strong impulse control problems, especially when confronted and angry.

Special Skills

  • Master Manipulator
  • Orator
  • Specialized in Schools of Magic
    • Enchantment
    • Illusions
    • Abjuration
    • Evocation

Special Abilities

  • Use of Magical Energy
  • Natural Talent for Enchantment and Illusions
  • Demonic Energy
    Can draw upon not only Aether but energy from its patron demon to increase their durability and power.


Even as a child they always knew they were different and had difficulty connecting with others. LIving in their own little world with others as satellites to their own existence, they realized at a very young age that other people saw the world differently. As they grew older people never seemed to rise to the level of their expectations, rather fell short and sometimes feel far short of their expectations. On some deep level they were bored with everyone around them by the time they reached puberty but did wish to find someone who was a challenge to know and understand. People seemed like they were made of glass, fragile and transparent.

As a teenager they began to actively seek to control others, dominate lives. First in sexual acts but that soon proved to be insufficient. The true joy was dominating someone to the extend that they never escaped from those domination – not only that they wanted the person to need the domination. Further they began to experiment with breaking the will of others.

In young adulthood they found magic and began to use a mix of magic and drugs to further their goals. At times amassing small harems of people, first as sexual partners and to force people into situations they found aberrant but then this became boring as well. They expanded into seeking increasingly powerful magic to control, going beyond sex which was so tame no matter what kinks they would express it was just never enough.

This is when they found their patron. Studying dark forces mixing blood, sex, drugs, and magic they established a connection to a demon from the Dark Aether. It was here they were offered power in exchange for massing followers and souls for the demon to feast on. The demon promised them all the control and power they wanted for the small price of doing its bidding, which seemed to follow those same lines.