Call for Players - Return of the Fae

So for this plot I’m going to want people to play both the fae and the human sides if at all possible. This is a general casting call for anyone who would like to play a Fae (Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, etc…) or a human to be involved in the return of the Fae to Elder Soteria. This will be an RP heavy on character development and development of the setting. Players will be free to influence how the history of Elder Soteria went in the past by filling in details of their character’s experiences and the like.

See Return of Dwarves & Elves - Plot Outline for more information.

I dont have many human characters but I do have a dark elf from arcanum I can use.

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this seems interesting, is this like looking for just characters in general, or new characters being made for this?

Well, human characters to meet the fae can be new or old. An old character to be a fae could be a bit of a shoehorn, but I’d be happy to help work on it.

Okay, I’m fine with either, I do have my old dwarf character, but I’m fine with making other fae chars instead

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