Call for Players - Haunted Dreams

Originally published at: Call for Players – Haunted Dreams – Molten Aether News

I’ve gotten to the point where we can start getting together players for our new Haunted Dreams plot line for Angelic Sins. This plot will feature an aberration which is slowing making people in Chicago go insane by feeding off of their dreams. The plot outline can be found on Discourse as well as the recent Psychiatric Cases on the Rise post. I had planned to have the basics posted and ready for players to say if they are interested or not last week but life got in the way. This will be a relatively simple plot but will not be a combat feature, though players will be able to take a more violence-heavy role if they wish, with some consequences in the post-game.

Players interested in playing should DM me directly on Discord, Discourse, or email me at I’m hoping to have something ready to start up by next week or the week after. Subject to change of course, if life gets in the way.

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