Building The Veil v2.0 - Anyone?

Alright all of our @Players-AS (Angelic Sins players). I’m looking to do what I talked about on Discord, probably start slow, if we can. Do some on Discord and maybe some long-form stuff here on the forum. The idea is that no one found the demon who’s been killing people and now the spell is complete and portals will begin to open. I’d love to get some ideas on some shorter little plots before we get into a big one. I’d also like this to feed into news stories and things and really build it, one bit at a time.

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Maybe there can be a small group of high-ranking demon officials for players to take out over some side plots?

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I would recommend copying parts of the oblivion crisis since it is a similar situation as to what you are proposing.

I think we will have that as a goal to build up to, build the lore.

Sure, I can do some separate mini plots, why not (I still miss Nav though)

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Yeah, I do too. He was a great player.