BU Plot idea: Kidnapping/Journey to the center of the mind

Mysterious individuals teleport onto the station and kidnap people. They hook the people they kidnap to a machine that manifests a mental world comprised of the combined memories, experiences and inner demons of the people hooked up to the machine.

So would it be a shared dream you think? Or each person having their own? How would they be rescued? I’m going to assume it is sort of Matrix-esque rules, where dying in the dream kills you in reality and if you unplug someone without exiting them first, they die?

Seems similar to this…

It was a fun episode, seeing the dynamic with our characters could be fun. Might also give something for @icywinterdawn’s character Nine / Omega to do? Cybernetic-mind interface to work on?

It should create a composite world of everyone in the machine’s minds

I like it! I like it a lot! I’m excited to play in it!

That sounds dope af, but also very confusing xD

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