Brainstorming - Onyx False Flag Operation

So in continued plot development in the battle with Onyx, @Buckethead and I have been working on a False Flag operation for Onyx to go on. Onyx has stolen some Solas Tempus uniforms and plans to use them to act out terrorist intentions. This was originally part of the political pressure arc but since I’ve downsized that, it’s standing on its own.

The questions we have left to really answer are about what Onyx actually plans to do.

What kinds of activities could Onyx do to put a wedge between Solas Tempus and Starfleet or some of their other allies. I’d like to wrap this into one operation with a beginnings, middle, and end and be more detailed than just doing “bad stuff”, as tempting as that is.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Obviously, temporal terrorism would probably drive a wedge between Starfleet and ST.

…Maybe Onyx intends to replace ST as the premier time travel organisation?

Oh that is a very interesting idea. I hadn’t thought of that. I could put them on a platform of lobbying for a more open idea of time travel. Then their actions would lein toward painting Solas Tempus as some kind of overbearing organization.

What do you think @Buckethead?

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