Brainstorming for Demon Born / Consequences of Lust

This image was posted to Discord:

I want to turn the image around on its head. The image shows random man looking all pleased with himself by out-fucking a demonic girl who is supposed to be the multi-headed dog Cerberus. The idea is so absurd that I would love to turn it around into something much darker. Cyber originally posted the image and had the idea that each of this man’s sins becomes some kind of half formed demon. To me this reminds me of the Hellraiser series creating Cenobites from the occupations or vices of people which are “converted”.

Trying to turn this idea from inspiration based on an image into something more plot-worthy.

So ditching the idea that this demon is some version of Cerberus and moving into perhaps a triad of demons. I’m thinking they are hunters and prey on humans creating these half-breed demons not by having children but by tainting and creating human abominations.

With that idea in mind, this triad of demons should represent some form of sin, not to be confused with the references to the 7 Deadly Sins animated series or related works. I’m not sure yet what form these sin ideas would take but I really like the idea of these demons draining life from a victim and replacing it with their own demonic essence. I also like this because it really flips the concept of a man filling a woman with his essence when he climaxes and istead the demon-woman takes it and fills the man with her demonic essence.

Given all of this, what thoughts are there on how to make this into something like a playable plot line?

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