Bone Nebula Notes

The Bone Nebula is on the outskirts of known space, it is unexplored and unclaimed. It is a vast and thick dust cloud, with a neutron star at the center called Ossum. The nebula is the remnants of a large star system with many planets destroyed in the distant past before the star collapsed. The intense gravity from the star radiates out from the center causing the dust cloud to be slowly drawn into the center. Comets, rogue planets, asteroids, and other space bodies have been drawn into the nebula whose dust cloud is so thick that light and other energy has trouble escaping. The nebula has internal weather and is subject to ion storms and frequent meteor showers.

Inside the nebula is an Onyx facility called Red Marrow. The facility is a space port for Onyx which uses the nebula to hide. Force field generators orbiting the facility maintain a shield protecting a staging area and shipyards at the facility. The facility orbits Ossum and due to the hazards of the nebula requires navigational beacons to locate as well as access codes to enter the shield. The station draws power from the neutron star’s radiation.